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  1. Turns out it was the hose in the picture @onespiritbrain shared! easy fix
  2. Will do thank you all! Sadly I was 90 miles away from the vehicle yesterday and my girlfriend was driving it so she just ended up taking it back to my uncles shop, I will shoot him a text and mention this though, I would think the rad cap was replaced with the radiator. By popped i mean like cracked because hissing could be heard but i wasnt there to hear it so im not sure, women?
  3. Im not sure my uncle replaced it at his shop and the job came out to $260
  4. 1998 R50 With 193xxx on the clock, Valve cover gasket has been bad for a while and have been adding oil and coolant as needed here in the hot months. Now I think the radiator has popped because it has over heated and needed water twice in 2 days and needed alot of water. My problem is that we replaced the radiator last year so i dont think this should be happening. Any suggestions as to what could have popped rad #2
  5. Only codes have been p0325 and P1448, but I haven't checked in a bit so maybe now its throwing codes for other stuff since its getting worse?
  6. Yes its more of a quick bog down and die, doesn't seem instant and electrical. The problems are in the morning on startup, then after a long day of driving being a nanny and shutting it of when she gets home then when she goes back out to go somewhere after that its had problems before too. This morning it died from neutral to gear too. So im guessing its vacuum leak somewere, but what explains the oil burning?
  7. Is this a vehicle that you would recommend a tranny fluid flush/change. If so, is it better to do myself or go somewhere with a machine that runs it like dialysis. In which area should I start my hunt for cracked lines/hoses. Only had this thing for a year and its my gfs DD not mine so im a bit new on where to start with problems. Just tired of paying the mechanic
  8. Would the idle air control and the evap system also cause the car to shut off when put in gear, happened this morning again on my gf trying to go to work but it wouldn't even work when going from neutral to reverse, which I described as my cure for it earlier when it dies going into reverse on startup, it was 30 degrees though. Just at wits end with this thing
  9. Hi all, this is my first post in the forums and would like to start with a problem. My 98 se is just weird. Somedays it drives normal without fault, but others its quirky. On the quirky days, at startup you cant go straight to reverse because it will shut off, I first have to switch it to neutral then I can go to reverse. I do have the dreaded knock sensor code and also an evap canister valve stuck open code. Also after starting with the go to neutral first method, it drives weird for a bit. Rough idle surging then all of a sudden dieing at stop lights, But I just shift back to park and re crank and it runs fine. I also notice in the first 45 seconds of driving a weird jolt and noise coming from the front. but after it does that once it doesn't do it again for rest of drive. Also noticed it was down on coolant so I replaced that and it took about a quart of oil yesterday also. Sorry a lot of problems for my first post but my mechanic gives up because I have left it with him for a full week and he hasn't had nay problems. Any suggestions as to where to start. My pathy has 183xxx and I have recently had distributor replaced and did the radiator this summer.

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