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  1. Hi All,

    well after purchasing my Terrrano some 7 years back, going through learning about this beast, pulling the engine out/down and rebuilding pretty much all from the ground up, then going on to several steps forward (and a good number back), working to get it on the road and then my way through NSW (Australian) engineering to comply for road registration (half cage, 2 seat instead of 5, weber conversion from throttle body and lots more), the Trek terrano is FINALLY road registered, fully engineered, legal and LIVE. 

    We will now do  a run of road shakedown trips in preparation for the August Trek4Kidz charity rally and, fingers crossed, all will be well. Our entry is visible here as car240. (a tribute to our prior years running of the trusty 240z.

    It has been a long (and sometimes extremely frustrating) road to this point, but hopefully the "fun" will all start from here.

    Thanks to those comments of support and responses to my questions along the way.

    Ps did try and add some pix of the current state of the Terrano but trying to upload pix just didnt want to wotk. 

  2. Thanks for the various messages and inputs over the last while, the inputs have assisted - have now finally got the terrano running, going through checks and ready for engineering (have to have half cage and change from 5 seat to 2 seat engineered for registration here in Oz).

    While all seems to be progressing OK, a couple of items have arisen that I would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions from the ‘brains trust”. 

    The terrano has been converted to redline Weber as the throttle body was totally unserviceable and getting a repair or replacement was impossible. It is a Vg30i and auto.

    1. With the Weber conversion (and removal of the associated sensors etc) the auto kick down seems to have gone “missing”. I checked the manuals and the kick down switch seems to activate on the accelerator pedal but i wondered whether it also had some interaction with the TB sensors that’s re no loner in place? 

    2. The cooling system has been checked over and, the steel heater pipes under the intake and rear of engine have been found severely wanting and been sorted to fix pin hole leaks, but it seems to still lose cooling fluid after running. No apparent leaks anywhere and new gaskets on the intake manifold. The engine was completely rebuilt so new Welch plugs and the like, so cant seem to see where any coolant could be leaking/losing from. 

    Has anyone seen similar or have any experience with the Weber conversion/auto box and covered any needed “tricks” to sensors/wiring that may be needed?

    We are hopefully going to be clear to run again this year in the charity rally late August but these couple of last issues are causing a bit of a hiccup

    Any thoughts/inputs appreciated 

    Cheers from “down under” 


  3. Hi all - has been quite a while between posts/updates. Some health issues (heart) had put all on hold for quite a while. Am getting back to the build and, after the completion of the engine overhaul, got all back in and am closing out on some final areas. As part of this, I am removing most of the anti pollution gear, trying to simplify the vacuum lines and also fitting the Redline Weber kit. That has all progressed reasonably well apart from some connections not being clear as to what goes where and what can be deleted/capped. I made various sketches and notes when I dismantled but am no finding that some of the component markings have been lost in cleaning and handling.  In working through the pollution gear, I have been using the other excellent write ups on the forum although ones specific to the VG30i are few and far between.

    So, with all of that, I was hoping to get some advice/clarity on the following - numbers reference in the pic - tried uploading the pic but am getting message saying I can t upload. Hopefully this link will work - goes to same pic in shared dropbox file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArhBM0TeWGIago8uxSJwDKmMOe_snQ?e=achdZt :

    1.  Is a vacuum line under left side of carbie. I believe this goes up to the purge connector on the canister but, if not, is this OK to cap or should it connect to somewhere else?

    2. I believe this is a loop connection to the AB valve on the air cleaner. Can this be capped when I remove the AB valve or  something else?

    3. I wasn't sure on what this one was, whether vacuum or coolant (currently radiator/coolant is dry so wanted to sort before filling up fluids). If coolant, where is this leading to for connection? If vacuum, OK to cap?


    If the pipe from 1 in the pic doesn't go t the purge connection on the canister, where does the purge line connect? As the TBI has been swapped to the weber, very limited vacuum line connections now. 


    And the really strange one, underneath the front (drivers side here in Oz) are the metal fuel lines that come up the filter and return and, while they are all OK, in the same group is another steel line that departs this group and then goes across the front cross member to about mid way with right angle bend and then an end that looks like a flared end but a few mm back from the end of the [pipe, suggesting a rubber pipe connects to the pipe. The breather line from the fuel tank is connected and is connected to the cannister already so doesn't appear to be mixed with that. Am hoping to get a pic of this one on this coming weekend as well as try chasing it back along the length of the terrano underneath.


    Sorry for the long list of questions but i am really hopeful that some sage advice will be forthcoming and avoid me contemplating putting a match to it from frustration ?


    Thanks in advance to all             


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