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  1. Anybody have any experience with them? I got a '98 but I have 16" (255/70/16) mags and KO2's from a 2005 (I think?) Pathfinder. There is very little room between my strut and the tire, and it might just be rubbing (strange almost plastic crinkle noise when going over large speedbumps). Think I should get some spacers. I am getting the OME kit from North Shore - and I really do not want new steel wheels. Any recommendations on brand & amount of space? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I sort of thought of that, but I just replaced my exhaust - I will check it out tonight.
  3. Hey, I noticed that around 1000 RPM I have some sort of rattle from the motor. It is just around 1000, and it immediately goes away at engine speeds faster and slower. Not sure if this is valve flutter/lifter etc? Has anybody else had this? I just got my timing belt replaced, if that helps. I had an old mazda truck and a subaru that seemed to have the same type thing, and as annoying as it was, it never seemed to effect anything. Any thoughts?
  4. Ordered from Amazon....the whole strut mount & bearing. im already 2k in this suspension upgrade 90 bucks doesn't scare me off. Thanks for the reply!
  5. So I got a full OME kit from North Shore Offroad (I am in Vancouver) (HD front, MD Rear Springs, OME Struts & OME Shocks) - and I ordered the "Trim Packers" from Rocky Road Outfitters. All in ~2 grand with alignment. My questions are: 1) Is that all I need to have a "level" ride. I am not too excited about the idea of leaning. I just want the moderate lift with a level ride, on (for the first time in my life) good suspension. 2) Do I need to get aftermarket rims with backspace? I got nice Nissan Mags from a 2001 (16" rim size) and I would like to leave those on. If i do not get the backspace what is the worst that will happen? 3) Are there better aftermarket strut bearing out there that somebody would recommend? Else, I will go to Nissan and get them OEM. Thanks,
  6. did you need to do the "tire backspace" it suggests? I am new to the world of offroad + IFS
  7. thank you! so 90seven, did you just buy the kit and install it 'as is' - or did you use spacers, new bearings/strut mounts? what was the line of reason.
  8. Sorry, stupid question but googles is not helping... What brand is AC? Website? where can i find the "kits"?
  9. One more thing - where did you order your Old Man Emu gear from? The OME website does not list the R50 as available options. It lists the R51 - is that compatible? Thanks again
  10. Sorry Mega, forgive my ignorance. So those three part numbers are all I need? (in addition to the OME springs - you mean leaf right?) I do not have access to tools or a garage, so I would just buy all the parts and have a mechanic do the labour. Where do you buy your parts - I am having a hard time with the googles. Thanks,
  11. Hi All, I have some silly questions.... I just picked up this truck, ~220,000 kms, 5 speed manual. I put 2K into repairs (the death wobble- bushing in the rear, preventative timing belt, plugs, belts, water pump etc. - the things you do when you have the intake plenum off and are doing the timing belt anyways).... My questions are: 1) Do I have the LSD in the rear? Some people are telling me that the Chilkoot edition came with "bigger tires (check) fender flares (check) special mirror with temp/compass/ice display (check) and a LSD in the rear. However, I have also been told that the LSD in the rear was OPTIONAL for the Chilkoots - and that spinning the tires on jacks (the same way) might not happen with the Nissan LSD... So what is the word? How long is the maintenance interval to re-pack the clutch, I am guessing the previous owner was a pavement princess and never went real off road to have it engaged. 2) What are options for getting about 2" of lift. I did not realize that the truck is unibody, so makes it a little more complicated. I am not familiar with IFS - I come from old (early 90's) Mazda/Rangers that had solid front ends. So what are my options - Old Man Emu in the rear? and what about for Struts? 3) I put WARN manual locking hubs on it, and 16" BFG KO2's. Is there any other "small" mods I can do to squeeze a bit more out of this rig, and make it more offroad? Silly Q, I know - just wondering if anybody has opinions. 4) Has anybody made this a camper SUV/Truck? I plan on making some sort of platform for sleeping in the back, but the seats that do not fold down flush agains the bottoms are kind of annoying. Either I unbold the bottom to unfold my platform - or has anybody else overcome this? Ideas? I like this rig, I have been a toyota fanboy for the last 3vehicles (1993 "truck" with a SAS, 1989 Truck (the small guy) & 1989 Carib) but I did not want to pay toyota tax for an old 4runner with 360,000 and needing repairs rather then half the price of a Pathy. Any advice helps! Thank!
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