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  1. Looking for a 1990-1994 2wd automatic transmission pathfinder to do a TD27 diesel conversion. Looking for a no rust and original paint body and frame. MINOR body damage ok. Thrashed interior OK. Bad engine/trans ok but must run well enough to drive up on a trailer. Have cash. Let me know what you have. Thanks...Edward Contact at esk2002ca@yahoo.com
  2. New to the forum and am stalled in a diesel conversion.... I have transplanted a td27 turcpbodiesel from a jdm 1992 nissan caravan into a 1994 hardbody kingcab 4x4. US model, originally V6 automatic. Engine is in, runs excellent, and vehicle drives.....BUT transmission woes..does not shift, stuck in fail mode.. The diesel tcm has 2 connectors, and 36 pins, while the 94 truck has a single connector with 48? pins. Many many of the wires are different colors between the harnesses I have the wiring diagram for the US truck TCU, but i have searched the friggin WORLD for a pinout diagram for a 1992 JDM caravan td27 automatic. No luck at all....With both wiring diagrams this would be easy....not so easy given the possible permutations without a guide. SOOOOOOO.....I need one of three things.... A) A wiring diagram forva 1992 caravan TCU td27 auto Or... a definitive answer....can an automatic from a 1990-94 4 cylinder (non electronic) be made to work wiyh no tcu or engine connections? I assume a mechanical kickdown for this unit? Yes/no? Or C) switch to manual trans, in which case i need a bellhousing and clutch/flywheel for a td27 or td 25. I can easlily source the rest of the parts for this conversion here in Canada., but these items would have to come from abroad....any leads?.. Any help/guidance would be gratefully received. Thanks, edward
  3. Finished installing a 1992 terrano 2.7 turbodiesel engine (rhd) in a 1993 v6 pathfinder automatic left hand drive. Engine in and running nicely , drives up and down the road. Trans shifts well through 1 2 and 3 but will not go into overdrive. I matched up the TCU (diesel) to the appropriate wires by tracing through the harness of the terrano, but deductive problem solving has left some questions. Blank spots and wires that go to neverLand. . I am now blind.....i cannot match up the tcu any further without a wiring diagram of the td27 tcu and ecu for a 92terrano diesel 2.7. I have spent days on the web and nothing. I contacted my local nissan dealer and nothing, as the td27 was never available here in Canada. The trans shifted fine in the terrano....now, no overdrive even when hot...the power light blinks to indicate failsafe mode and i am at an impasse. Any help would be appreciated. The truck definitely need the overdrive gear for comfortable hwy driving. Does anyone on this planet have a tcu and ecu wiring diagram for a td27 with auto trans?

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