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  1. Hi guys, sorry for the slow reply, and thanks for all the thoughts. It is play in the hub spline to CV axle spline that I'm talking about. Yes that is where I am seeing play. I'll try and take a video today showing how much. Maybe this is the time to get manual hubs and new CVs.. I definitely still have 4wd so the hub isn't stripped (yet) I'm going to do the wheel bearings today, the noise changes slightly as I swerve left to right so I'm fairly sure the wheel bearing is unhappy. I got the truck cheap because the front brakes had been totally cooked, worn through the pads. So had to do rotors, pads and calipers. I'm guessing it got hot enough to screw with the bearing too, although they seemed ok when I repacked. I do have aftermarket wheels, but the noise never used to be there so I don't think that is the problem. I'm thinking I have a rough spot that just resonates at a certain speed, then above that its overtaken by tire noise? I do have noisy tires. The wheel studs look fine, I've tried taking the wheel off and on a few times to make sure its not off center or something and the noise doesnt change.
  2. OE. I had a look at it again just now and the splines don't look damaged in either hub or axle. But theres definitely some slop in there. Did Nissan use harder steel in the axle or the hub?
  3. So the play is cause by either worn splines on the axle or inside the hub? I guess I'd better hope its the axle What do you mean by a grind?
  4. Hi, I've been chasing down a rumbling sound from the front right area of my pathfinder. Thought wheel bearing, repacked with no real change. I only hear the sound from 10-30mph then it goes away. Definitely a rotational noise, like a wub wub wub wub sort of noise. CV boots are good, but I can feel a tiny bit of play in the joints. There is a lot of rotational play or between the axle and the hub however, is this normal? I have it on both sides. I.e you can turn the axle maybe 5-10 deg before it engages the hub. Like a 17mm socket on a 16mm bolt. the play is all between the axle itself and the hub, so not coming from the cv.

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