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  1. This happened to my Z24 when the engine was just newly started and still cold. Even how fast or slow I floor the gas, the engine just bogs down straight dead. This happened for days, then someone noticed oil leaks. I just found out that the engine oil level is really low. I added temporarily added oil and it fixed the issue. I hope this helps.
  2. So I just had the engine overhauled. New gaskets. New valve seals. New timing guide and tensioner. New o-rings. New temperature sensor. Head machined. All interiors cleaned. Engine flushed and cleaned. Carb choked and cleaned. New spark plugs. New spark plug wires. New engine oil. New filters. Etc. I was observing for a couple of days, and the problem is still there. The temperature still rises to between half and 3/4 when idle. I'm frustrated and I'm desperate now.
  3. Just an update. I recently had a blown head gasket, engine oil spilled all over the place. I just had an overhaul which started earlier today. So I think the culprit really was the head gasket after all. Haha!
  4. Thanks for confirming. Could anyone with a Z24 confirm what the normal operating temperature is? Thanks..
  5. I will try to bleed or burp the system a little later today. And hopefully, this solves the issue. But could anyone tell me what the normal operating temperature of a Z24 is? I asked a few who have TD27 engines and they told me that the normal operating temperature is just a little below half the gauge. Unfortunately I have not met anyone with a Z24 yet.
  6. I check almost every day if I ever lose coolant, but until now no coolant was lost. No traces of oil or rainbow in the coolant. No smoke from the tailpipe. And the engine oil is as good as new. I will definitely check this bleed at the back of the manifold, but is there a process to bleed the air out? And if the z24 has none, I guess the head gasket is where I'm really lead to. I'm just hoping there's something easier than that. Out of topic, I really thank u all. I wasn't expecting this forum to be this helpful. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I already removed the engine thermostat. Coolant is very clear because it was flushed before rad was replaced. I made sure that water flow was clean and clear before it got replaced. We also couldn't find any leak. My mechanic has been telling me that it could be possible that the cause might be the head gasket. This is too much of a labor, but if this is really the cause, I'd proceed. Please advise.
  8. Thanks for replying. Yes, the 2 fans are pushing air TO the radiator, and the radiator fan sucking air FROM the radiator to the engine. Blade has no damage, no hairline crack, not wobbling. Earlier today, I was stuck a little in traffic for about 30-45mins and the temperature went up to a little over half the gauge. But when I ran at speeds at the highway, temperature went down drastically to almost 1/16 the gauge.
  9. WD21 Z24 2.4L Gas Carb 4x4. Apparently my engine's temperature rockets upto 3/4 of the gauge when idling in about 30mins especially when the traffic is heavy. I already replaced/repaired/checked the ff: -1row rad to 2row rad -added 2 auxiliary fans in front of condenser -checked radiator fan blade -added silicon oil to radiator fan -cleared air flow from grille, cond and rad -checked water pump -checked oil pump -changed engine oil, spark plugs and filters -replaced spark plug wires and dist cap -wrapped the exhaust manifold w thermowrap -overhauled the carb, new carb kit -replaced valve cover gasket -checked all electrical wires But still it kind of overheats upto 3/4, only when idling. The temperature lowers down when I rev the engine up to make the rad fan rotate faster. And it completely goes back to below 1/4 or even 1/8 when running at speeds. I'm a bit frustrated and I need help. I want to post the pic of my WD21 but I dont know how to. Lol. Thanks.
  10. Hi. I'm new here. I have a WD21 Z24 2.4L Gas Carb 4x4. Apparently my engine's temperature rockets upto 3/4 of the gauge when idling in about 30mins especially when the traffic is heavy. Overheating While Idling

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