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  1. I am the proud owner of a 1993 Pathfinder, the truck's had its issues but so far no complains, for the last 8 eight months the ABS (amber)LIGHT in the front panel will sometimes light up without any warning doing it sometimes from the very moment I turn the ignition on. When and if I turn the ignition off the light will shut down....what's causing this problem?...I'd appreciate any help in solving this issue...thank you Forum members
  2. Thanks a bunch I'll have it checked right away....I had in mind checking the alternator, but on the other hand like you suggested it could be a wiring problem I forgot to add that it begins flashing after it's been running for a while....half an hour or so (when wires become hot) and then if I go off road (which I do quite often because I live out in the county and the only access is through gravel and dirt roads) with the tumbling it becomes a nuisance (the flashing)...... THANKS AGAIN HAVE A NICE DAY!
  3. For some unknown reason the dashboard battery light in my 1993 SE Pathfinder will blink or flash momentarily while driving, I've had the vehicle checked with the engine running and the man said it all tested fine. I had a new battery installed about three months ago and trouble persists and thus far I've had it recharged twice. It isn't the battery though because it used to do exactly the same thing before. The alternator was replaced about three years ago and never had any issues with it....HELP....ANYONE!..... THANKS IN ADVANCE BUDS.
  4. Let me put ti nice and simply, I'm no mechanic, but I happen to have pretty much the same problem, (my truck constantly looses its idle, it soars up to 12RPM and runs really rough) from reading all comments up to yours I do have a question, when you recommended to clean the tubing inside the plenum where carbon deposits should be normal, after all we're talking about a 20 plus years vehicle would you also recommend checking the EGR for the same purpose as well as the AACV, mine was replaced four years ago and the EGR was also replaced more recently, the old one was practically blocked with soot and dirt, truly hope you"re still around your comments are right to the point and the make a lot of sense....

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