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  1. I'll try that again but I'm pretty sure they are right
  2. So I checked my codes today and got 55 no malfunction
  3. So I unplugged them both and and it popped a couple of times but now it's back to just turning with no fire
  4. I've got thorley headers and 2.5" all the way back
  5. I'm just thinkin I could use a bit more juice tryin to get up so of the more intense hill clombs
  6. That might be just what I need
  7. After I get my beast running again I want to do so me work to give her more power. It's my daily but I also take it off-road at least twice a week (when it's running). So what would y'all suggest and what have you already done to increase HP and Torque?
  8. So I checked my timing, it was good, spark was good, ( I might have the fuel lines mixed up but I'm pretty sure they aren't) and I moved the distributor one tooth because it didn't look right and when I cranked it over the engine ran for a good ten seconds then cut out and it won't start again
  9. So I got it to run for a few seconds than it quit
  10. I'm going to work on it right now, wish me luck guys!! I'll let y'all know how it turns out
  11. My one question is when it's on the compression stroke neither of the valves are open correct?
  12. I read through that whole thread a couple of times now I made sure that this that the truth count was great and everything was perfect
  13. So I'm new to pathfinders his do I check codes? As for whether or not it does anything, no but occasionally it pops and I was just told to crank it over and use the timing light
  14. So the weird part is that I have compression and the timing is right( checked with timing light) but it still won't run, somebody told me it could be a sensor but weren't to clear on which sensor would keep the engine from running.
  15. I'm really sorry about that, how do I fix it?
  16. So I've got the vg30 and I recently did a head job and now it won't run, timing is right, dizzy is in correct position at tdc, I've got spark and fuel but no fire.. Any idea what my problem might be? Thanks in advance y'all.
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