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  1. Ok thanks! Anyone have locking hubs without 4wd light on or flash?
  2. Hello all, I know that the subject has already been discussed but I would like to know more about the subject. I have a pathfinder 2004 with the automatic 4WD mode. I have a lift kit 2.5 and I've realized how it could have used them. cv axle. I wonder if he has any risk of damaging anything at all by installing hubs ...? yr people of 4wd light? I love my pathfinder and I would not break it. Also on the site warn, the locking hubs stops 99? Is it for all mode 4wd?. Thank you
  3. Hello, I just give you some news. I installed today front MOOG coil spring with spacer 1 ''. It's great, no vibration (well, a little but it's really not that much as before). I have the same CV Axle. I now believe that the maximum lift is 1.5 '' with the original carding. Thank you all for your help.
  4. Hello, In fact, I express wrong. Sorry, I have trouble with English. I'll do my best. My driveshaft U-joint were replaced. My driveshaft is balanced ( 2 times) My CV Axles are original, I just replace the boots. Do you trademarks of CV axle accepting more angle? I begin to believe that these my CV axle have a problem, because the front driveshaft forward does not change the angle, even if I lift my pathfinder. The problem is only in 4wd (4hi)
  5. Thank you for answering me. That makes a difference. So for vibration, speed does not matter, but rather when I press the accelerator and I speed motor is 3000 RPM and more. I NEVER used 4 wheel driving on dry asphalt, but only on the Snow, ect ..... I also never exceed 80 km / h! As my garagistre talk me down my differential but I fear that the angle of the driveshaft is not good, in short!
  6. Hello everyone, First let me introduce myself, my name is Alex. This is my first message. I need your help. I install a lift kit 2 '' from 4x4part (Coil) Since I have set, I have a vibration only in the 4HI. Everything was fine before. My pathfinder 2004 in good condition, and I maintain it as if it were new. -All My ujoint are nine -My Driveshaft was balanced and rechecked. -New Engine, new transmission (so almost everything has been checked) And so on widely. My mechanic told me that I have too much angle in my CV Axle. I do not know what to do. I see a lot of pathfinder r50 with a lift kit 2 '' and they have no problem. Have you any ideas? P.S. For the moment I handed my original coils and the vibration is gone. Big Thanks !!!!

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