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  1. What are the best 1 inch front spacers and where to order them from? about to instill my lift and just want to do it all at once and to avoid having a rake. Thanks
  2. Ok thanks I guess I will go with the 15 x 8. They said they might not return them since they told me that the 15in wheels wont fit and recommended 16 in wheels but it seems like everybody has the 15 x 8 on here
  3. I just order some 15 x 8 pro comp steel wheel for my 96 and I ordered 32 x 11.30 x 15 BFG tires. The company that I ordered from notified me that the 15in wheels will not fit over the calipers? I looked on the forum that a lot of people have the 15 x 8 wheels that's why I went with them. Did anybody else have this problem?
  4. Thank you all for your help this should get me started in the right direction!!
  5. I'm looking in to lifting my 96 pathfinder. Where is the best place to find a 2 in AC lift and what else do I need for a lift? I need all the help I can get! Thanks
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