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  1. pffft, easy peasy. air hammer and a press, done in 2 hours.
  2. well, decided to go to Nissan for some bushings. time to break out the smoke wrench...
  3. ok, so back to my main q, im looking at bushings NOT arms in the rear? any suggestions where to get em? And I am doin my best to keep her on the road, too nice of a nissan
  4. LOL! ok... i can chirp rears, even with 16" 265\70s. the power is more like from a dead take off, unless tach'd up a bit pffft, ferget it
  5. Would prefer to replace the whole rods, doing the bushings is a pain. And power wise, i know they arent race cars, but man.....it will barely get out of its own way. Just got off of tech line at dorman, they said not avail on the rear arms
  6. 1995 nissan pathfinder 4x4 5 speed. The first question is about the rear control arms. I have found everywhere on here the info about it, but am a little confused. I follow all the links you guys have up, but they lead to an 01 nissan i beliave. Are there none for the 95, or do we use the ones frome newer vehicles? Second question. This thing is gutless, can I do a z31 (early 300zx) vg30 swap for some juice? Or is it what it is, under powered? Thank you much in advance. Bill
  7. Ok, I remember seeing something awhile back like at zbums site or something. thamx for the reply
  8. Hey all! I am looking for some info on the z31 (300zx) intake manifold. Any advantages on installing on of these on my 95 Pathy? I have done some searching here and couldn't find any info.

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