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  1. Still cant post pics, but I did get the belt on, and she started up real smooth, and idled nicely for a few secs, then I shut it down, and heard a splashing sound Apparently, starting it without a radiator, or hoses, caused fluids (coolant, oil, trans) to drain out of the vehicle, and all over my garage floor But, that's ok. As long as she started up, and didn't miss. That's what I was worried about, and thanks to all the help I recieved from this forum, I am not so worried anymore. All I have to do, is put the radiator, hoses and covers back on, and I should be good to go Once again, thanks to the guy that started this thread, and all the people that contributed. Yall saved me 1,000 buck
  2. Finally got the belt in the exact spot, with 40 between the cams and 43 between the left cam and crank, so in the morning I'm gonna give it a try, without a radiator, or belts, just to see what it sounds like, for a second or two. I'll feel lucky if it starts, because it died out today when I started it, and because of the leaking radiator, I didnt try to start it again. I was going to post more pics, but I am limited to 62? kbs, so Im trying to find a way to mak them smaller. I just want to say how awesome it is, that you and the other guys in this forum are always helpng each other out. I really like my pathfinder, and I can see that there are other people that feel it's worth taking care of; I'll post the results, after I try to start it tomorrow. Thanks again for all the help. I could have never gotten this far without it
  3. Oh, I was going to ask, if it's alright to start my truck without the radiator? I just want to see if it starts before putting everything back together :o
  4. Thank you, Precise one! I will try what you suggest. I am a novice, at best, so I probably don't have any business tackling a project as detailed as this, but at this point, I've got nothing to lose. I'll let you know what happens, TC
  5. Got everything back together, put in coolant, topped off the oil and started it up, only to hear, what I assume to be, something missing, and then it died out, and I couldnt get it started again To make matters worse, I saw a puddle of coolant of the garage fllor, and when I looked under the hood, I saw a small hole in the radiator, where I hit it accidentally with my wrench I can handle getting a new rad, but what I really need, is to find out how to 'reset' the timing belt, now that I've cranked the right (passenger) side cam sprocket so many times. Is there any way to get back to square one with the timing belt? It's my only transportation, and I've already missed a couple days of work fiddling with it, so any help whatsover will be graciously appreciated
  6. As I said, the bottom and driver side are lined up perfectly, but not the passenger side, so I cranked the passenger side a few revolutions, hoping to get it in position, but it still wants to slip over 'the hump' that K9sar mentioned. My question is, did I knock everything out of whack by turning only the top passenger sprocket? The reason I ask, besides the obvious, is that the area behind the cams are different, with the driver side being near the front, allowing just enough room for the seal to be installed, but the area behind the passenger side cam is recessed about 2-3 inches, and I am worried that all my cranking has pushed it back, and now I'm afraid I'll push the seal in too far on that side? Lots of nuances to this job, and I could have never attempted it without this thread, so many thanks to all that have contributed. It's nice to know, I'm not alone
  7. Excellent, K9sar! That is the information I was looking for On another note, do I hve to replace the oil pan gasket when changing the crank seal? I don't see why I would, but some of the literature I have read says it's so?
  8. Thank you for the reply! I have put a wrench on the crank, and got the sprockets into position, but the passenger side sprocket keeps slipping one way, or the other. It's lie its at the top of the spring and slides down either side when I try to put the belt back on. With the coils, do I just unconnect them (all), or do I have to completely remove them? Thanks again for the help, I'd be lost without this thread :o
  9. So grateful for this thread, and everyone that has thrown in their two cents. My question is, how do you get TDC if you (ok, it's me) forgot to mark the belt, and can't get L or R lined up at the same time? I tried turning them by hand, but the passenger side doesn't want to hit it's mark Any help at all will be greatly appreciated, and thanks again, for starting this thread. It has been amazingly helpful up to this point!

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