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  1. I like the one I have but to me, it's just kinda plain. I like the '03-'04 better. But it's not on the have to have list. Wheels on the other hand might be a different story. Will probably have to wait till I can buy the wife the Rogue she wants which won't be for another year probably. But thanks for the kind words guys. Looking forward to enjoying this forum.
  2. Awesome. I've never heard of them but will definitely check them out. As far as the grille goes, only ones I've found have chrome trim around it and as you can see, there's hardly any chrome on mine.
  3. I thought I was the only one that liked doing this lol. I personally love it when parts are discontinued and you end up buying them from another dealer. Customer thinks you're the best parts guy ever lol
  4. Thanks. Here's one I just took about 10 minutes ago of my Pathfinder
  5. 97 Nissan p/u. I was working in cleanup at the dealership I work at now and didn't know how to drive one at the time. New car manager pages me to come to the showroom and take the truck to cleanup. Told him I couldn't cause I didn't know how to drive a stick yet. So he called a salesman and made him teach me how to drive it. So I learned in some guys brand new p/u. I was kinda nervous to say the least, but I did learn and now currently trying to teach my wife which is not going very well lol.
  6. Hello gang! Just joined today and have a '01 Pathfinder SE with 177k miles on it. Have had it for almost 3 years in great condition and now with a fresh new paint job. Wife got hit by a deer a couple weeks ago and was able to pocket some insurance money and used it to just repaint the whole truck. No real modifications yet, pretty much just a daily driver. Have replaced the corner lights with clear corners, bought a pair of Eagle Eye headlights off Amazon for $52 w/ shipping for the pair and it's had a complete tune up and new tires in the last 20k miles. So it's in great shape and plan on keeping it for a LONG time. Couple things I am planning/wanting to do is replace the stock wheels with the 02-04 Xterra supercharged wheels and have also thought about replacing the grille with one off of a 03-04 Pathfinder. Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.
  7. Hello NPORA! Newbie here. Hope this board is more active than the other one I found.

    1. kdj


      Well yes it is!!!! Just ask.

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      were here just need to ask.

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