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  1. Now I have a body lift of 4 inches, I want maybe 2 or 3" more but I dont know if using this method may cause something bad or will damage anything
  2. Hi guys! Does anyone have try to lift his truck with adjusting the torsion bars?? If so any advice or trick you may know.
  3. Hello guys! Im having a problem with my left hub, when i lock them and put the 4H, I start to hear some little click and if I put the 4L I hear a louder clac sometimes. Maybe you could help me to find an answer, thxs!! Enviado desde mi HUAWEI G7-L03 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Im from Costa Rica, im using the one that is for my type of temperature.
  5. Guys would you recomend me to change my conventional oil, 20w 50 penzoil, to a synthetic one?? Or it will be harmfull? Now I have 159000 milles
  6. I have a lifter noise for about 3 segs in the first start, then the noise is gone. I added wynns engine tune up and the noise is only heard somedays not every as it was. This weekend im changing my oil and adding mmo too, im using penzoil 25w 50.
  7. Thax Precise1! ill look for the thread, the strange thing is that it is only in high revs, i dont know if its me or what cause the person who sold it to me told me that it doest happen to him...
  8. in my case is in high revs, for example after 2500 rpm its very problable to occur, i dont know if its me haha or that maybe is the sincro or clutch...i change the fluid (gl4) but it still there.
  9. Hey guys! I was reading all what you wrote, and I was wondering if maybe you may know. I recently buy a used transmission and the second gear is kind of hard, its like yo feel something that doesnt let the gear enter flawless. I all ready change the fluid, quaker gl4, it frecuently happen in high revs
  10. Hi guys I have a question, when im passing to second gear in high revs I feel something strange, like the gear engaging strongly(only feel, theres no sound) but when im passing to second gear in low revs it feel so smoothly, what could it be?
  11. Hi guys! Which oil are you using on your engine??i will change it in this days, maybe you could give me some advices. 4 days ago i started to hear a sound in the engine, some people told me that maybe are the lifters. I restore my wd21 like 6 month ago,the engine was running smoothly but the oil is very black, so i want to change it. Thx!
  12. Sounds pretty cool!what you think are the best ways to increase the power of the vg30i? Some mods for example
  13. Yeah i search it, m90 from a thunderbird!it look really cool! What do you mean with a centrifugal setup?
  14. I just saw a video on youtube of a vg30i with a supercharger, anyone know if it is very difficult to adapt??

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