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  1. Back when I did my sas on the ol frontier, I had the same issue. I had to keep adjusting my shackle mount location somewhere between \ and | to get my castor right. I'm on leaves now but if it wasn't setup right I'd 3 link it. Probably will sooner or later anyway


    One of these days we have to go ride some place. If I quit screwing around I'll have my rear 4 link done and I'll be using the pathy like a station wagon to go to mentone in May.

  2. I just went back and read the whole thread. Wow, there are some pretty impassioned responses here.


    I've known Ian Johnson (host of xtreme 4x4) for a few years now and he's a good dude. I actually helped build the car he and Jimmy Penner (essentially offroad) built for KOH a few years back. You have to remember something about that show, or for that matter, all the offroad magazines: they are building things using donated parts, donated by companies with the intention of them being shown in a positive light for marketing purposes.


    That being said, they began that build intending to highlight some custom hybrid 9"/portal axles from a company that went tits up. The build was shelved for a long while until I believe it was brought back to be fair to the folks that had already donated parts to the build. The ARB bumper, winch, all the cal@!*%ty parts, the roof rack, the re pop engine...all of those things were given for a build that xtreme 4x4 had a moral obligation to finish. With that in mind, they threw together one last show to finish the build. It wasn't the best they could do to impress the small nissan offroad following, it was quick and to the point to get it done.


    After it was completed, they put smaller dick cepek tires and wheels and some bump stops and used it as they said they were going to. It hauled equipment to film the bigger builds.


    When I got it, someone had put 15,000 miles on so it got used. I drove if home and parked it and it is getting ready to become a more qualified trail rig, but still street legal grocery getter/tent and sleeping bags hauler. Eventual plans are for RCVs up front, 37s, an atlas, and wheeling the piss out of it.

  3. I'm interested in this too. I have a ford 205 on the work bench, but my offroad shop owning buddy says a 205 doubler behind the nissan drivetrain will suck a miserable amount of power.


    I have calmini gears now but the slip yoke and no 2 low option still make the 205 doubler an attractive option for me.

  4. Thanks for the welcome guys.


    My pathfinder has a full width 44 front and Chrysler 9.25 rear. When I bought it, it was sprung too stiff and too tall, and the axles compressed into bad spots in the body. I have since moved the front axle forward 1.5" and removed two leaves, and I'm in the middle of a triangulated 4 link rear. The way it was the panhard hit the shocks, and the geometry was terrible. To top it all off, they had bump stops about 2" off I the axles to limit travel and control body roll.


    That pic was just me playing with it. On the other side, I broke the back plastic flare in that position. I'm going to cut the body out some after the 4 link, properly limit travel both up and down, and add a rear sway bar. The net results of my work will be a lower COG, better articulation, and better ride and handling.

  5. Hey everybody!


    This is my first post here. I've been looking for a new nissan web home, so I decided to sign up. I've been on NOAS for years but it's all but dead.


    I'm on my 6th nissan now. My last was a frontier that I used to go to goneMoab back in 2008, then later SASd it, before eventually (and stupidly I might add) parting it out. I then began a pathfinder that I also parted out to build a samurai based buggy. That had to go when my son was born; it was time for something more family friendly.


    Now I own the pathfinder Ian built on Xtreme. I'm pretty pleased with it, but it was never really tuned or finished after the "finished" show. I won't go into all the bad, but I'm currently 4 linking the rear after dropping it 2-3" inches.


    Enough about me, here's my rig:




    Unless y'all kick me out, I'll start a build tread here soon.

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