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  1. I am on my second nissan SASd rig, and both had low pinion 44s and neither used a double cardan shaft. I've never had an issue with slip yoke length nor yokes binding. I like using the first gen xterra shafts.


    As to which axle to run, I'd go with the F150 axle, only because it's full width. Staying narrow never appealed to me personally.


    Finally, I'd do a true 4 link in the rear. A panhard bar adds complexity and causes a bit of rear stead that isn't necessary if you triangulate the ; links properly.

  2. Hmm. I have been into them for a long time.


    I used to own a SASd frontier maybe 6 years ago, then parted it out to build a pathfinder buggyish thing that was scrapped because it was too rusty to be worth the effort. I then built a samurai based buggy that I found was just a huge lawn ornament 95% of the time. I parted it out and sat on a dream to build a maroon 1995 5 speed pathinder, when low and behold, I found the one I own now.


    Anyway, I mentioned Labor Day at WITC to the wife and she likes the idea.

  3. Sure was! Can't wait to do it again some day.


    On to my next project. The pathfinder came with a decent electric fan (not sure what it's from but it looks like a single speed version of the big taurus fan people use), but no shroud. It's just mounted right to the radiator. The wiring is good and it's tied to the ac circuit, but it gets hot. I added water-wetted and it helped but I need a proper shroud.


    Look what the brown Santa just delivered from Amazon:




    $14.99 and it's just a touch too big so there's room to cut it down to fit.

  4. Today I replaced the old busted console, with the lid that stayed open so you rested your arm on sharp plastic. The one I picked up is from a 2001 isuzu rodeo.


    I had to rework the e brake handle. I raised it about an inch and welded it to the floor plate about 1.5" off center.


    This console feels great on the elbow and has cup holders! It just took a long time to figure out mounting.



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  5. I didn't take many build pics, but here's what I came up with for a crossmember to catch my lowers:




    That's the repurposed hitch that came on the truck.


    After completing the truck, I found it needed a sway bar desperately. It wasn't near as bad as the stock setup that it replaced - that thing could have rolled itself in a parking lot. Oh, and as for springs, it had some 280 lb rusty's springs that were too stiff, so I swapped them out for some JK front lift springs my buddy Jimmy at Essentially Offroad donated.


    Here's the finished setup. I used a stock sway bar, but moved the axle end mounts inward from the stock location, effectively making the sway bar weaker than stock. My goal was a setup that didn't need disconnects; tame on the road, and tame on the trails.




    As you can see in this flexed out pic, I placed my poly bumps to where at full compression they keep the tires 1" out of the wheel wells. I have dreams of 37 13.50 r17 Toyo Open Country MTs in a couple years.




    This is last recent pic I have. Its yesterday, in Northern Alabama at Little River Canyon. We packed her up and went for a little weekend jaunt and had a blast. We didn't do anything that even resembled wheeling, but I'm tickled. On road manners are great, although I still see room for improvements. I ordered a Marlin Crawler Toyota drop pitman arm that showed up while we were out of town; that will quicken my steering and get some of the modest bumpsteer in check.


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  6. This post is going to be brief and full of pics. I tried posting from my phone and the page timed out. I was posting from my laptop and closed the page when I was almost done.




    Here's the craigslist post that started it all. I was searching for a new pathy for my wife and stumbled on this ad. We struck up a deal and were on our way to Franklin, TN to RTM Productions to pick her up. I have a trailer and truck but figured, eh, what the hell, lets take her down the interstate:




    After bringing her home I found a whole laundry list of things I wanted to fix:


    • Too tall
    • Too stiff
    • Tires hit body
    • Bumps too close to axles (to combat the tires hitting the body)
    • Factory 5 link rear sucked

    So I pulled out a leaf in the front packs and redrilled the mounts to move the axle an inch forward, cut down the coils, and cut off the bumpstops.






    The rear steer characteristics and wheelbase with the 5 link meant it had to go. So, I began a triangulated 4 link



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  7. I just finished a 4 link rear on my pathfinder and love it. I used jeep Cherokee rubber bushings and 1 1/4" heim lowers and 7/8" heim uppers.


    If you take your time mapping it out you can get great performance from a link setup, without the wrap associated with a leaf setup.


    I'll be adding a write up on my journey with my rig soon.

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