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  1. YEAR SELECTED: 1988 MAKE SELECTED: NISSAN/DATSUN MODEL SELECTED: PATHFINDER Clear Vehicle Selection Part Number: THY-464-1-C Product Name: CERAMIC COATING, 1986-1989 TRUCK HARD BODIES, 1986-1989 PATHFINDER, 3.0L, 4WD, NO LIFT KITS Description: It's a proven, indisputable fact: Dollar for dollar, no other investment will increase power and performance like a set of Doug Thorley Headers! List Price: $656.00 Features HEADER EXIT: DRIVER PRIMARY/COLLECTOR: 1 1/2" - 2 1/4" DRIVE: 4WD Notes 22 - For Legality under CARB regulations the connector/Y-pipe assembly must be used on vehicles originally equipped with catalytic converter. 3 - Stick Only. 19- Does not fit 5-speed models w/ hydraulic clutch. thats directly off the DT site. https://dougthorleyheaders.com/products/searchType/vehicleSearch/year/1988/make/NISSAN_SLASH_DATSUN/model/PATHFINDER/sfID1/9/sfID2/40/sfID3/31/productID/906
  2. I've been doing some research and I have found headers for these things but only for the automatic trans models. Has anyone ordered headers that were made the for autos and installed them on a 5spd equipped pathys? I know the clutch fluid line would need to be moved, but how much? I'm looking for a set of headers so I can do a full exhaust, but all I have been finding are headers for the 90-95 and the 86.5-89 vg30i with auto transmissions.

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