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  1. weirdly it was, it wasnt running for a onth, i put a down payment on the xterra and right after (literally minutes) I fixed the pathfinder. It was an electrical gremlin that I thought i would never find
  2. my wd21 died last year, not a day goes by where i dont miss it, in the new deadpool trailer it makes an appearence at 2:20
  3. Thank you! Just an update. I had to remove the whole starter just to out solonoid back in. Anyways I cleaned and tested it. All good. So I should put it back in tomorrow. I put a multimeter in the plug leading to solonoid and to the battery while starting, no volts. So sign of bad connection. Anyways quick question: when I test those links with a test light, do I simply unplug them and shoved the test light into the end leading to battery? Connect test light to negative nerminal?
  4. just an update: I regret taking apart the solonoid as it is much harder to reassemble, I assume I have not dont it right as the test i did with the alligator clip does not work anymore, it worked for a second then stopped. I am going to have to figure out how to do it properly as the springs and such inside must need to be possitioned properly. Anyways at this point I am debating taking out the starter to do so or just try again, as well are either of these the relays?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Is the ignition relay the one above the fuses in the cabin? And the black connection thing? I don't have a test light. I can grab one. Otherwise I have a multimeter
  6. so I have been in the constant struggle of wantying a cabin filter, not because I necessarily cant withstand some dust and need precise filtered air, moreso the issue of the condensor filling up with crap and burning up. As well its nice to not feel dirt in my teeth whilst following someone on a dusty road. So I came up with this: I would put it over that intake I regret cheaping out, I bought the smallest and cheapest air filter I could, it was perfect width so I only needed to really trim on one angle, however since its for the engine it was rather thick. I fear It may have slightly dropped the pressure of my blower. anyways there was a bit of measuring and trimming the sides a bit here and there. you do have to take out the wipers and cowl to get to the intake then i strapped it down on the one side with duct take
  7. I have a 1994 pathfinder LE Automatic, I am in canada (think that makes minor differences with some relays) was hauling a trailer and parked to unload, went back in and pathfinder wouldnt start, to clicking, nothing, lights and stuff worked and a boost from a helpful individual would not start it. so assuming it was the starter i began looking around, I tried bypassing the solenoid, which I know lttle about these sorts of electrical things. I unpluged the clip leading to the solenoid and attached an alligator clip to the male end leading to the solenoid then touched the other end of it to the battery pos terminal, with the key in the on position. It sounds like it is starting but will not, mind you it does the same thing without the key in the ignition. so a freind suggested a relay, i spend the other morning swapping out relays and no luck, but maybe i did the wrong ones. I was attempting to dignose the connection by attaching a multimeter to various points on the solonoid, however being so confused of which was which i got frusterated and started taking it out. realizing once it was half out how hard it is going to be i decided to sit on it and see what this forum had to offer!
  8. Ya I have no idea what made the belt go. But I am keeping an eye on the new one. Put in a new radiator too. Ironically upon installing everything back in the idler pulley was siezed. So I had to replace that (a whole different belt) maybe it happened during the instal. Oh well now I think I may be loosening a bit of coolant so I should keep an eye out to see if it's from me putting a hose on wrong or my junkyard radiator. Thanks for the help guys. I would have never though of that belt controlling the water pump. Mind you I wrote the post at 3 am on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck.
  9. So I was getting the nasty burnt rubber smell today through my vents. Typical of a bad belt. Anyways while I was driving home the a/t temp, battery and ebrake light came on. Indicating alternator problem. So I figured I'd just race it home. Where it got weird was at second glance I noticed my coolent temperatur was all the way up so immediately pulled over. The moment I turned off the vehicle. Poof. All that lovely vapour came out from under my hood. Anyways so I the top of the radiator blew. Right by the cap. And the alternator belt is chewed to bit. So I guess my question lies here... Befor I buy a new radiator and belt. Is there a way to see if I blew my engine or not. As well does anyone have the slightest idea how these two problems are related? Did my alternator belt being gone cause my radiator fan to stop spinning which overheated the coolant?

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