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  1. So I feel dumb but relived. I drive a short distance to work and I think the battery was just depleted over time, just having enough juice to start when it was needed until finally dropping below the threshold. I got a test light and learned how to check at the starter, key switch etc and then stuck a multimeter on the battery, jumped it and what do you know it starts... Thanks again guys!
  2. I agree.. It may be a falicy that I just found this disconnected and it very well may be for a coolant sensor or somthing but.the Black/Pink wire does connect to the top of the starter.. That's what made me wonder about the disconnected yellow/green.. Thanks for your help guys.. Any further guidance here is much appricated! :happy:
  3. So, I'm having weird starting issues and can finnaly not get it to start. Just clicking. I poked around and looked at the starter and noticed a wire that looks like it should be going somewhere, as the other one that comes from the connector Black/Pink or Red can't tell bolts to the stop of the starter. The yellow wire/ with green seems to be disconnected and I am thinking this may be my culprit. Can anyone help me identify where I should have this thing hooked up to? The connector is on a WD21 automatic that was converted to manual and with the TD27.. I'm getting so annoyed trying to figure this out on my own and was hoping you guys could come to the rescue. The starting issue was intermitant so it would make sense that this wire has some significance.. Where should it go? Thank you all! Connector in question.. Located on passenger side behind the battery. Two prong connector with two wires Black /Pink and Yellow / Green: Black / Pink and how it connects to the top portion of the starter.: And finally the wire in question Yellow/ Green : The million dollar question is where in the hell should this thing be connected?! :wacko: Thanks in advance guys!
  4. I have a strange swap in my truck.. I am in the usa and I ordered those same plugs.. Becare as there are a few variants.. He was afraid these would not be a good idea in my truck as they were 2-3MM off. I aparently have NGK CY08
  5. I just ordered some glow plugs from www.rockauto.com ; I think the thermostat is the same from a Nissan Sentra. It's a pretty straight forward motor. I love the MPG with this motor, quite impressive! It is a slow beast, but fun to drive!
  6. Welcome to the club man! I have one of the few TD27-T Diesel pathfinders in the good ol'e USA. I belive I have a Homy Van motor swapped into my 1991 Pathfinder 4x4 , 5 speed manual. I agree we need more information on NPORA. I frequent some of the new zealander offroad forums for more specific nissan diesel types of information; Would love to find some others on this side of the globe.
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