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  1. I found some interesting information asserting that GL-5 gear oil is not backwards compatible with the GL-4. As the pathfinder transmission requires GL-4 this is obviously an important consideration. This was new info. for me. If your interested let me know & I'll email you the info. It's 11 pages long, so too long for a post.
  2. You were correct. I have adjusted my thermo element and the revving "up and down" has stopped. Nothing but happiness. After searching for further info I found the following post on another site which describes the problem and fix. "Surging Idle Fixed" I have 2001 Frontier 2WD with the 2.4L engine. About a year and a half ago, I started having idle issues and went through about everything I could find to correct it. Over the course of several months, I tried new vacuum lines, IACV, PCV, plugs, wires, thermal plunger, and MAF sensor. While the problem got a little better, I eventually took it to the dealer to figure out what exactly was wrong. I was told a thermal switch in the egr system was bad, the intake manifold needed to be removed and cleaned, and even though they knew I had replaced the MAF sensor once, they also suspected that the one I installed might have problems. Anyway, they call me 3 days later and tell me it is ready to go. When I arrive, they had it warmed up and ready to go. The next morning, when its cold, I am surprised to see the engine idle to nearly 2200rpm initially. When I drive it, the idle surges for about the first 3 miles of driving, but then it seemed to settle down and run good. I did notice that even after it warmed up, the idle was about 1000rpm. Doing a search on this forum and several others, that seemed to be a common complaint with many Frontiers. I figured I would give it some time, before calling the dealer that worked on it. I was really hoping I could avoid this, since it such a hassle for my wife when I do not have my truck and I have to use her car. I looked everything over when it was warmed up, looking for anything obvious that could cause a high idle. Then I decided to look at it while it was cold and noticed something interesting, the fast idle cam has two marks where an arm connected to the TPS should be when the engine is hot or cold. I had looked at this when the engine was warm and the "hot" mark was aligned spot on. With a cold engine however, the "cold" mark was about 1/8" from the roller on the TPS arm. Figuring I could always move it back, I adjusted the fast idle cam "cold" mark to be aligned with the roller on the TPS arm. I started it up, the engine idled to 1800rpm, dropped to about 1200rpm and after warming up for several minutes, dropped to about 700rpm. And on top of all that, the surging went away. Of course the fast idle cam "hot" mark is now slightly off, but the truck is now running like new.
  3. Interesting. I'll check this out. Thanks for the info.
  4. No problem codes; just the 55 code which according to the manual indicates all systems are functioning correctly. I notice that once the system starts running in the "closed loop" mode (ie green light on) the revving up and down stops but it still idles at 1,500. It appears to be revving up and down only in the "open loop" mode. Changing the vacuum lines sounds like good advice. I will do that. Also, I have cleaned the air flow meter and the contacts. New oxygen sensor as well. Thanks for the helpful posts.
  5. I see there are other posts regarding similar problems; I'll review those. Probably should have reviewed the existing posts before asking.
  6. My vg30i rev's up and down continuously (approx 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm) until the engine is warmed-up. Other than this idling problem the engine is strong, burns no oil and runs perfectly. It used to do this "revving" only during the winter, but now revs up/down on cooler summer days as well. Once the engine is warm it idles at about 1200 rpm which is higher than the 8-900 specified in the repair manual. Has anyone experienced this same problem ?

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