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  1. No way I'm doing that again! That said, got it all back together, new fuel injectors, truck fired up, runs like its brand new. Thanks again for the help.
  2. That helps a ton! Thanks Nefarious. Using that info and doing some searching around, sounds like some other folks have had the same kinking issue trying to use generic hosing. Need the preformed.
  3. Hey folks, I've got a 91 XE that I picked up on the cheap. Turns out it had a bad injector on the #2 cylinder, and as I didn't pay much for the truck, I didn't want to spend the money on a mechanic. Also figured it would be a good time to get to know my engine, and see if there were any other issues. Long story short, got the manifold collector off without too much hassle, but the two hoses off the back were so stuck, and so tight in against the firewall, I had to cut them to get the collector off. Figured I'd just get new hoses, no problem. I'm stuck on a couple issues: I photo documented everything but this step (murphy's law) and as I'm not 100% sure what those two hoses are, I'm having issues finding information on how they hook up. It's a 50/50 I get it right, but such a massive pain, I don't want to install all the other hoses and doodads back on the collector just to find out I need to swap them.they're The hose the auto shop sold me is kinking. The original hoses appear to have been pre-bent. Again, as I'm not sure what they are specifically, having trouble finding any info on the correct hoses to use. Anyway, any info/tips/leads etc on this would be fantastic! Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the thread necromancy, but my issue seems to be relevant enough to this dicussion that I thought I'd just add it here. Just got my skid plate for my 95 SE... it doesn't seem to fit. The front bolt holes appear to have been drilled too high, causing the front bolts to angle downwards. Here's the one I just received: http://d.pr/i/yUOF+ Here's a pic off 4x4parts: https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/images/armor/skid_plates/skid_plates/19872004_pathfinder/8cda13cd27288aacc1f260832831ffd2.jpg And if you compare it to 5523's 95 SE (same year and model), mine definitely looks off. Anyway, curious if anyone has run into this, or if I'm completely missing something.
  5. Thanks for the tips re:brand. I was going to drop it off at the shop, but then the problem pretty much went away after getting back home to the great white north. That said, heading over to Napa today to pick one up. Thanks again for the replies!
  6. Alright, code 33: Heat Oxygen Sensor. Time to do some searching! Thanks for the advice all.
  7. Yeah, I just pulled off the highway for the day, so I'm gonna check it out. Strangely enough, got up this morning, no issues, no light, no stuttering. But it decided to show back up just as I was pulling into the motel. Go figure.
  8. Ok, so I know I'm going to catch some flack for not searching first on this. But to be honest, I actually did, I'm just too trashed from traveling all day to find anything, can't see straight. Will do some more research tomorrow morning over coffee, but I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone had a straight forward answer/link. Anyway, I just started driving my 95 Pathy from San Diego to Vancouver BC. Drove it down about a month ago. Everything was grand, great ride. I just hit LA tonight and the Engine light started to slowly creep on, and then the engine started misfiring if the revs dropped under ~2800 RPM. No problem over that though, so for the most part highway driving seems ok (on the i5 anyway). Anyone experience this specific problem?
  9. Thanks all, like I said, great to be here (officially anyway). Interesting point, in regards to Precise1's point about letting a mechanic take care of the Steering Box Lash... I called up the nearest Nissan dealer's service department to get a quote on the list of todos (had such a good experience with the one who did my inspection, figured I'd stick with them and see if they were competitively priced), mechanic had NO IDEA what I was talking about in regards to the Steering Box Lash. Said it either works or it doesn't work. Red flag! Bit of googling made it clear it's something that can be adjusted... time to look elsewhere me thinks
  10. Thanks for the tips concerning the ST/BOX Yeah, I've actually been lurking for a little while pre-purchase, the post about common issues to watch for was especially helpful.
  11. Hi there, New pathfinder owner in Vancouver BC. Just pulled the trigger on a 95 SE, great shape, almost zero rust (only on the exterior components like bumper/tire rack/etc). Checked out super clean in the inspection at the Nissan dealer (for a 240km vehicle anyway), super stoked! Picture is lifted in photoshop, gonna happen as soon as I sell my hatchback Quick question for anyone who's good at deciphering mechanic's acronyms/shorthand: The Nissan mech listed "Adjust ST/BOX LASH" on the list of todo's. I was either not listening when he covered that part, or he skipped it by mistake (pretty sure the former, was too giddy when he said it was a "really nice truck")... I'm thinking steering box lash? If so, any tips? If not, any ideas what the hell he's talking about? Either way, cheers!

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