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    93 Terrano, 15psi boost, big tunes
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    I Own A Shop Or Work As A Professional Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Thornlie W.A. AU
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  1. will get them up, it was very slippery
  2. need to go off road on sunday

  3. O.k. Is anyone interested in doing the power lines this sunday then? As i have already blown off soccer for the day.
  4. what is the max lift i can put under my wd21 with out tail shaft problems?
  5. can any one tell me how to sercure my rear sway bar if i unbolt it for off road work? i have a 93 wd21. please enlighten me.
  6. Just final for the date and a location to meet up at then, as it looks like numbers are there?
  7. Looking for lots or just a few?
  8. Im easy 14th sounds fine, just need to know so i can blow of soccer.
  9. Hi all, Out in Thornlie W.A. Australia, lots of Terranos out here but dont see them of road that much, hope to catch up with perth guys. 93 TD27T 15 psi Boost, tunes, 2" body 11/2" spring lift.

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