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  1. Thanks a lot! The part's stores can't seem to find me anything, it's a bit frustrating how they don't have the bushings for a pretty major suspension component!
  2. So I've got this problem were the rear end of the vehicle starts to sway around when I am going along at highway speeds, hits a bump and it gets A LOT worse. I looked down, and it had actually broke one shock off the bottom mount. I believe it's the Suspension Link bars, on the 2 on top and 2 on bottom, bad bushings... That would allow the axle to move back and forth on either side, right? All parts stores can do for me is the Panhard bar bushings, they can't seem to find the link bar bushings for those 4... Any ideas?
  3. The only longer after market shocks I see are 0-2.5" Lift shocks, any idea where to get the proper ones for the rear? Or will that work? Also, are the aftermarket torsion bars necessary? I've heard from a few people around here that the stock are plenty strong to hold up to 2.5"-3" of lift out of them..
  4. I am going to piece together the lift kit I think, it seems cheaper than buying the kit. My question is, will the stock shocks work for a while or are they entirely too short? And if so, does anyone know the part # for what I'll need?
  5. What Years of Altima would I look for? I pulled mine off, took it to the local Schucks because they have a load tester, just out of curiousity. As I carried it in, a rock fell out... Tested fine, put it back on, jumped it and it's been fine ever since haha. 45 Minutes of work and all night worrying if it was a wiring problem from the water.
  6. Sorry for the double post. Yea, I'm going to pick up a new alternator here today. Hopefully they have one in stock. I just got done pulling mine out. It is a 5 speed. Do you know why the brake light would come on with it the alternator failure? I didn't test the charging voltage but I got home and the battery was sitting at 11.9v, it wasn't charging it enough for me to even drive with my headlights/dash lights on. It would start cutting out. All connections were solid and didn't look like any water got in the harness plug on it.
  7. So I was out last night playing in the mud, got stuck in a bit of water and was pulled out by my buddy. About that time my Brake warning light and my battery(alternator) light came on. The brake warning light has me lost, no idea why that'd have anything to do with the Alternator. The alternator used to make a bit of a whining under load... Think it just finally gave out after being submerged in water/mud? It barely limped into the driveway at 2am, headlights turned off and all. Is a new alternator likely the fix or has anyone else had similar experiences and found a different answer?
  8. I have the 3" body lift already. I was going to install and wait for the Suspension since it is another $700. I actually think the BL will be more of a pain. For it to not look really awkward you pretty much have to get an aftermarket bumper huh lol
  9. Will I need a 3in. Body Lift and a 3in. Suspension or will the Body Lift clear them for now?
  10. I'm having the same problem. It works properly every now and then, but most of the time its dead or is jumping sporadically all over the range. Any ideas? Where's it get the signal from under the hood? If anyone has any electrical diagrams they'd be greatly appreciated!
  11. Thanks! Yea, I like that look too I just ordered the body lift for it, Suspension lift is gonna wait a bit. It's a bit more expensive lol
  12. Lol I got lucky and mine came with those wheels on it when I bought it last winter. It's my second pathfinder, first one was a 2wd 94 though, and I loved it so I bought another. No drink holders though... frustrating lol Thanks for the link B, I'll try e-mailing the guy
  13. Yea.. it's expensive.. just the bumper and lift kit are gonna cost me around $900... and the steering is gonna need a bit of help before I do that stuff. Chunk of money there too.. lol
  14. Haha I figure I won't have anytime to go play around for a while, so I'll wash it and keep it clean.. I'm working 7-10s now for the next 2 months, lol night shift too..
  15. Just started a new job contract for the next couple months... will have no time to do it.. but I'll have money in the end.. Plans are a 3 inch body lift and a TAG wincher bumper, then possibly a 3 inch suspension lift... But here it is:
  16. Ok I lied... there are a number of zip ties... but to hold all the wiring in place! A 77 Camaro wasn't designed around all the wires needed for a modern engine haha.. Not a huge fan of nascar, maybe a little bit of skynyrd now and then though... haha
  17. Olympia area here, mostly have my fun at Rock Candy/Capitol Forest.. And no, no mullet haha, not like I haven't been asked that. But my Camaro has fuel injection, fitted/converted by me. If I had a mullet I'd throw some 800 carb on it zip tie everything together... Finally got my pathfinder all back together, can drive it again..
  18. I'll get some pics of it up soon.. haha before the water run outs and after... Front still isn't, and I don't think it'll ever be, completely straight again. Except for a lot of work by someone better at body work than myself..
  19. Hey, was browsing around for some help concerning a body lift question and found this forum! After reading a few posts it seemed like everyone was pretty nice, I posted my question and received a quick answer. I've usually stayed away from Forums like this ever since I was on the Subaru one for one day while working on a friend's car, most the people there were less than friendly.. I drive a '95 Pathfinder SE, not huge into wheeling but love it when I get the time. Like to see if I can find its limits and push it haha... (thats why I just had to straighten out the Core support and replace the bumper/mount recently..) I'm usually into older muscle cars, I've got a '77 Camaro that I did a retro engine swap into, a 5.7 Vortec out of a 96 Tahoe with the fuel injection. But I've come to love my Pathfinder haha, it's served as a real tough rig, I've put it through its paces and it hasn't quit on me once!
  20. I'm in the Lacey/Olympia area, my time wheeling is mostly spent up at Rock Candy/Capitol Forest, nothing too intense, but enough to find the limitations on a stock Pathfinder haha.. Burien ain't too far away, anything good there?
  21. Thanks a lot bud, possibly the best help I've found. I knew I was capable of doing the lift, but that thread will make things so much faster, tells me stuff that I won't need to learn by back-tracking now... thanks! I may go to the new member section haha
  22. Alright, so I'm just kinda getting into the whole wheeling scene, I really enjoy going out and seeing what my pathfinder will do. Which has left it a bit battered since the last hill, some rather deep water run-outs... They caused me to hit the front/core support decently hard. And that brings me to my question, it has caused me to start looking into body lifts to get the body away from the ground a bit more. To do a 3" Lift will I need anything aside from the blocks and bumper relocation?

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