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  1. It ride smooth. It's got flexy springs. It's a full size suv so it's not cramped. It hasn't been "smushed" at all. The rear had been " dove tailed " to make the rear narrower. If you don't know what that is then google it
  2. Thanks. I'm extremely happy with it. I took it out this weekend. Drove it through a few ponds and I must say that I am impressed.
  3. As far as the 345. There is no plans to change anything. Big industrial engine that will last along time. It's purring like a kitten
  4. It's a jeep wagoneer front axle. It's six lug while the scout is five. I either was the 80 or 800 grill. I like the old ih logos on the too.
  5. i am working on locating a late 60's model grill to replace it with. the owner before this guy got it had plans on narrowing the front end about a foot and a half. the rear was dovetailed 2 foot and the guy i got it from returned it to 10 incher narrower then stock. he left it cut out to put in that electric fan but i have a thin fan out of an old drag car so im going to install it with the new grill.
  6. he actually built this one and it at clayton and then found a good deal on a fully built tube buggy and had this one sitting around. the transfer case is my only concern with this rig. he had a low range twin stick in it but a buddy of his needed it so he put the 20 back in. as far as parts being hard to find he included enough parts to just about build another complete scout. full complete rolling chassis all it needs is a tub to be a complete vehicle. i feel like i stole it because i had 2500 in my hole pathifinder and there is over that in the front axle. lol. just caught the right guy in the right mood. hes going to use my pathfinder for a grocery getter unless someone offers him cash for it. i am working on buying the twin stick t-case from him. he wants 750 for it.
  7. oh the green will be black soon and i am already looking for a hard body or petrol to build. i miss my nissan but just in axles and tires alone theres twice the money that i had in my pathfinder. also i had the dreaded trans clog while wheeling and first started actin up. i now have the scout to crawl and going to start on a smaller trail rig again. best of all is he traded straight up and also through in a whole other powertrain plus a truck load of parts. lol
  8. ok dont hate me guys but i traded my pathfinder. i realized that my pathfinder was to the point where it was going to need to go under the knife to make it into a capable wheeler. it was either do a sbc swap and sas and chop the hell out of it or trade for an international scout i found on craigs list. so i went from this.... to this 1974 International Scout II 345 727 auto trans Dana 20 (Wagoneer?)Front axle: 4:88 gears, ARB locker, chromo shafts, CTM u-joints & High steer Rear axle: Scout 44 new 4:88 Yukon gears with spool Gearbox rebuilt and ported by PSC Ballistic Fab diff covers springover with stock leaves, overload removed from springpack 5/8" u-bolts with heavy plates 35" Boggers with GOOD tread Custom full cage tied to frame late model chevy front seats dovetailed rear ARB compressor all new floors new body bushings new shackles and spring bushings Taurus elec. fan new wiring the engine purrs like a kitten. proven tough in clayton, ok!
  9. Yeah it was at the red river atv park north of bonham. I just moved from Sherman to bonham and go to the off road park at least twice a month. I go with a vw baja bug, a 56 Willis jeep and an xj.
  10. i think i wanna swap it for another pathy thats less street friendly yet street legal. i want a little better crawler. i work for the government so im really busy and dont have the time to sas it like i want.
  11. thanks but i would rather have it stock so i could have a little more ability to moniter the rig.
  12. its the whole wiring harness because he just cut the whole thing behind the connector and capped off the wires he didnt need. dont make much since to me but he didnt appear too bright. lol
  13. if a hammer dont work then try a BFH. i have an assortment of them. lol
  14. the little buggy dug its little heart out with its 35's until all four tires were turning freely and it was resting on the frame. i love this rig. so glad i didnt buy another jeep.

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