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  1. The original wheels of Pathy., are very much pushed to brake mechanisms, And constantly draw a firm dirt. I would try to mount wheels, more remote from a brake. (like padjero)IMHO
  2. Yes, on this moment the absence of bell housing has stopped my work. In Europe, to my regret I have not found such Pathfinders, which I could use as the donors.
  3. So will be more correct: Приветствую Вас! Меня зовут MrJim. Добро пожаловать в международное сообщество, любителей внедорожника Nissan Pathfinder. Пожалуйста, добавьте себя на нашей карте, что-бы все члены сообщества могли видеть, Ваше географическое место-положение. С уважением, MrJim
  4. Can be, you are right:) However mine VG33 already has come to 275000 miles..., My VQ35 only 5000 miles., (the donor, is crash Pathy 2002) This is one, of my reasons to change engines.
  5. Yes, I know it I have completely assembled VQ35 with electrical wires, ECU and immobiliser system. I established my VQ35 on a metal support, separately from the vehicle, connect to it fuel-pump, and it works:)
  6. I think, this really possible. with VQ35 and VG33 engines is applied identical type of manual transmission: FS5R30A model. Distinctions in connection bellhousing to cylinders block. If I will have, bellhousing for VQ35, I shall be capable to carry out my idea. Now I need help (I am ready to pay), to search used bellhousing from M.T. in USA and Canada. Thanks, Jurij
  7. Hi by all, My name Jurij, I like upgrade my Pathy 97, with VG33E., M.T. Now, I go to upgrade it to VQ35DE engine. I have this engine separately, but can not find bellhousing, to connect VQ35DE to my manual transmission. I hope with the help of this perfect website, to solve this problem.
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