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  1. nice, we should go adventuring some time. Also do you know anyone selling an engine for a 90?
  2. Jesus, I've been running 5-30 because it is starting to get cold at night (canada) so I wanted a thinner oil. I'm doing an oil change this week!!!
  3. What that sounds very easy to do. Sounds alot better then a new engine to.
  4. HMMMM interesting. The niose does come from the right side. The engine runs good, always starts with and runs smooth but it's very loud. I have done regular oil changes since I bought it but who knows before that.
  5. really thats a bummer. whats the problem with it
  6. Hey my engine sounds terrible in my 90 pathy. It's really loud and ticks and sounds awful. My buddy says it is the valve lash and needs to be adjusted. does this sound right and if so what are the specs?
  7. I have a 90 xe with 205k on it. This is my third Nissan vehicle but first Nissan truck. I will have to say I will be driving early 90's Nissan for the rest of my driving. ABSOLUTLY GREAT!
  8. ya thanks I have been doing some searching with good results. went to arb website and requested a catalog so hopefully that will come soon.
  9. Hey I just recently started off roading and wondering if there is any other pathfinder owners on this board. I see LOADS of them driving around.
  10. SOOO much lol. The truck had rust issues when I bought it so, new doors, rear lift gate, new seats, new bumpers new rims, custom duel exhaust. many suspension parts and engine work. still need to repair the rocker rust. But the truck was cheap and has 331XXXkms on it.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm fixing up my old rusty pathfinder that I have had for a few months now. Really enjoying the truck so far but I need some parts I can't get from the junkyard. I would like to get a new bumper, something more beefy then stock and with a built in brush gaurd that covers the grill and lights. Also looking for a snorkel kit and roof storage rack to hold a spare, jerry can and tools. Where is a good website to look at? I've looked around this site (which is awesome) but can't find a link. thanks boys
  12. Hey I just bought my first pathy and love it so far. I plan to do a mild body lift but keep the suspension stock. I would like to put on slightly bigger and wider tire/wheel combo on. What is a good set-up for these beasts?

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