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  1. yeah, it is a 97, why? is there a problem you know about with the 97
  2. no engine codes that i know of, but i am going to take it in tomorrow and have it scanned
  3. i have a 97 pathfinder and everytime i get to a certain rpm, usually either going up a hill, or passing someone, the engine surges and seems to power out at 3300rpm. if you pump the gas a couple times it well jump up to 4500rpm, really not sure what is going on, any suggestions would be great
  4. if you don't want to do it yourself, go to any exhaust shop, i went with brushed alluminum pipe, pre bent, and a aftermarket filter
  5. so i got my mile marker hubs, and installed, one side works fine, the other turns about 1/4 turn and then binds up, WTF, so i take it apart, a piece of the spring where that pin quide is, is scraching the housing, and binding.
  6. i am sure this is covered somewhere else, under a different thread
  7. no, i did a full intake, including a heat shield. i removed the old air tube and replace it with a 3 inch tube. but i am very surprised that it had that much improvement
  8. i am not sure what brand the muffler shop was going to use to replace it, i know they suggested the resonator come off too. They are going to replace all the way to the exhaust manifolds, so i should be getting good clearance. I did a mileage check with the new intake and with a mix of hiway/city driving, i am getting 19-20mpg, and great throttle response too. Can't wait to see what happens with new hubs and exhaust.
  9. talked it over with the local muffler shop, we are going with a 2 1/2 inch clearance, and taking the resonator out. as far as the extra power, it could definetly be better throttle response. I am looking forward to all the mods, and seeing what the end project is going to be like.
  10. well that is good news, because next week it is getting a new, larger exhaust too, but as it stands now, i am thoroughly empressed with the power increase i have seen. New exhaust next week, and sometime in May Mile Marker hubs, and suspension lift. I am having a blast with this pathfinder
  11. lol, i wish mine only cost $25 bucks, I wanted to remove all the plastic, from what i can figure, at its smallest it is only 2inches wide, so now i have it all 3 inch aluminum. I was going to have to order the MAF adapter online, so i built my own, which actually worked out quite well, because i made it large enough that i custom make a air box/shield to deflect some of the warm air coming from the the engine compartment. I well say one thing, after getting it done, i noticed a HUGE difference in power.
  12. so i am going to do my own custom intake this weekend, i have a question to throw out there before i start. there seems to be a small vacuum line on the old air box. Does this need to go back before the MAF sensor? or can i put it between the MAF and the intake?
  13. i looked at those hubs, i have a question, are they all metal?, they kind of look plastic from the pictures, and i would definetly like to go metal.
  14. got my new pathfinder today, very happy with it. The first order of buisness, hubs.
  15. ok, so i have been to 4x4parts.com, and WHAT A GREAT SITE!!! so after going through a bunch of stuff, here is what i am at. air intake, still not sure which brand, but definetly going to upgrade, a throttle body spacer, they are talking 5hp increase, which for $100 bucks, i am all over. and in a couple months, looking at their pro suspension lift, gives about 2 inch of lift, which well be great. Noticed two types of hubs sold there, the Warn hubs and another name i don't recognize. i read in a previous thread that i well need to either buy the stud kit too, or find something local. Any thoughts on the other brand of hubs, i think i would rather go with warn, but if the other brand is good, i am willing to give them a shot. Cheers and thanks for all the commments
  16. thanks for the replies guys, i have found a bunch of great info already here, i haven't been able to find any info on direct comparisons of coldair intakes yet, I phoned my local AutoValue, and they didn't have a listing for a K&N one even. Going to go and check out 4x4parts.com and see what great upgrades are around. I am thinking of making my own skid plates, probably using some aluminum backed with channel, to give it strength, but keep the weight down. Also going to go to a higher quality spark plug, hopefully pull 1-2mpg out of that. After that it is messing with the timing a bit, see what can be done there.
  17. i am looking for many suggestions on what to do with my pathfinder. To start, it is a 97 klondike edition, only 150 000km on it. I am approaching mods on two levels, what i can do for suspension/off roading, and what i can do for MPG. already looking at warn hubs, and getting some good tires on it (right now they are rather crappy for any off roading), i am figuring of upgrading the suspension, maybe a lift kit, also planning on building custom skid plates for it. On the MPG side, i have been told that changing the Warn hubs well help out a bit, but i figure doing a good tune up, high quality wires and spark plugs, and a cold air intake well help a lot to start. Now lets hear the suggestions all you guys have. What other mods do you suggest for the suspension, what are the best lift kits, struts, etc. Any other suggestions for increasing MPG? Best cold air intakes, any suggestions on messing with the timing? ETC, i am open to learning everything i can. Cheers everyone
  18. lethbridge here, very new, but looking forward to having loads of fun with my new pathfinder, i well be happy to hear from anyone that has suggestions on how to modify my pathfinder, and where the best places to get parts are.
  19. never owned a pathfinder before, now girlfriend and myself own 2 97 pathfinders, one is a standard, one automatic. mostly here to see just how much i can pimp out my pathfinder, get better mpg and maybe make it into a serious 4x4. All suggestions are welcome, and i look forward to getting to know everyone.

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