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  1. Nadi

    WD21 @ Germany

    You welcome .... and maybe write some posts ..... for the start: introduce yourself
  2. I got a 3" diameter Inox Fullbumber (over Downside over the Hood an left and right over the Headlights) on it ..... an the Problem is not the torsion bars ..... what you need is the upper control arms for correct standing of the wheels. And in the back a brace for the sway bar to handle the 3" higher Coils. Lift Kits without upper control arms and brace for the sway bar ....... I don´t know The easiest way is shipping to an GIs APO in Germany an then to me ...... shipping to APOs worldwide will cost the same as shipping inside the states. Maybe I hang arround the Schweinfurt Garrison and look for a GI with an Offroader ..... an ask them. Thx for the welcome.
  3. Got a Website or something else from them? Shipping form UK shout not so expensive ..... I hope
  4. Thx for the Idea ...... the Torsion Bars alone will cost more than 400 Euros for Shipping!!! The Kit from 4x4parts are not selling in Germany. You can get Trailmaster (4") or some other Brands (all without Torsion Bars). Prices between 1100 and 2400 Euro. The Kit from 4x4parts costs 575 Euro ..... plus arround 480 Euro for Shipping. So it will be cheaper to pay that price than buy in Germany. For Example: A 3" Body-Lift costs in Germany between 400 and 500 Euro (500 till 625 US $!) ...... in the States you get the same one arround 100 and 150 Euro .
  5. The Distributor for Ironman Produkts in Germany is Fortec (www.fortec.de) ...... and the prices from Fortec is .... how shout I say ..... awesome? And Fortec sells only Shocks .... no complete Kits. What I need is this: https://www.4x4parts.com/catalog/product_in...;products_id=64 includes upper control arms, torsion bars, coil springs, idler arm braces, shocks and all stuff to mount. But I try to find out what Ironman can do for me ..... thx to you
  6. Nadi

    WD21 @ Germany

    English language is now installed!!! Please choose "English" by Style AND Language on the left bottom on the side
  7. Nadi

    WD21 @ Germany

    I will install english language next time for the forum .... to make the registration easier for you Sorry, they don´t make the RC Model anymore ..... it was from Kyosho or Tamiya if I remember ....
  8. Thx for the warm welcome I got a problem ..... well ..... I need a Suspension Kit for my WD21. And here in Germany they dont sell much stuff like this. The only one is the 4" Trailmaster Kit ...... for arround 2400 Euros!!! (maybe 3000 US$) I found another Kit I like by 4x4parts ..... it is with upper control arms, torsion bars, Rancho Shocks and all that Stuff you need ..... an costs only arround 570 Euro The Problem: Shipping will cost a bit more than the Kit The Solution: Someone knows a GI who is in Germany? Maybe in Schweinfurt/Bavaria? The shipping to a APO cost not much more than shipping inside the States. For some help ...... (Pictures comes next time)
  9. Hi, my Name is Nadi, i´m from Germany. I drive a ´89 Nissan Terrano with Z24i Engine and hope to make new Friends here :coffee!:
  10. Hi there, this is the german Forum for WD21: www.wd21.de You welcome, english spoken from the most of members.

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