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  • TivonR50

    I'm about to install my 2.5" lift spacers on my 03 R50 Pathfinder. I've read a lot about camber bolts and springs/struts/shocks as necessary upgrades after lifting. I'm hoping that someone can give me some installation advice but most importantly some links to camber bolts and other parts I will need. Thanks!

  • Bobsteriffic

    Drove her home from work late last night, felt like I was boxing the cab with how bad the fuel smell was lmao. Checked her out this morning and discovered the clamps on the small hose between the fuel rails came loose again. Tightened them down and it seems we're good again for the time being. Damn this WD21 and the cold weather sometimes! Lol

  • mjotrainbrain

    Who would be interested in seeing me pick up an intake box from the junkyard (only ~$10) to do a detailed how-to on how to make the most out of the stock intake system without having to go to a full snorkel?  It worked great for me and has worked great for those who I've passed the instructions onto so far, and I've been toying with doing a proper write up.

  • Wacky_Pathy

    I got my first welding machine today!! Super excited. And yes, I know how to weld, just never had my own machine before. Going to school for it in a few months as well so thats a big plus

  • AllTerrainR50

    Built a custom roof rack basket that uses the old cross bar clamps to secure it the the stock rails!

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