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  • Green01

    Bought '01 ST Pathfinder for a grand, as is, about a month ago. Cleaned half of Fraser out from around the motor, new oil, swapped out leaking steering rack, got her on the road. Wheel alignment in the next day or 2.
    idles a bit rough and acceleration seems a bit laggy until 4k revs.
    noise could b from diff, yet to inspect  

  • Ray0654

    Hello everyone. My name is Ray I am in Australia. I have a 1993 D21 Pathfinder. Currently install 2" lift and 32" tires. Already done is: removed back seats installed drawers & 12v/AGM + solar charging system.
    Thank you all for letting me join.

  • BigB808

    I'm looking for...
    Plastic trim for front bumper cover (next to fog lamp passenger side)
    Plastic engine cover with nuts (beauty plate)
    Please let me know if you can help THANKS! 

  • tc2300s

    https://tc2300s.imgbb.com/   Finally found website that I could get along with to post pictures.

  • Soul_13

    After the new replacement parts the car needed a trial run. A delayed overnight hike in the cascades provided an opening, so we took the pathfinder out east.  Did a few miles heading south on part 5 of the WABDR. Everything checked out. 👍 

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