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  • trekterrano

    Hi All,
    well after purchasing my Terrrano some 7 years back, going through learning about this beast, pulling the engine out/down and rebuilding pretty much all from the ground up, then going on to several steps forward (and a good number back), working to get it on the road and then my way through NSW (Australian) engineering to comply for road registration (half cage, 2 seat instead of 5, weber conversion from throttle body and lots more), the Trek terrano is FINALLY road registered, fully engineered, legal and LIVE. 
    We will now do  a run of road shakedown trips in preparation for the August Trek4Kidz charity rally and, fingers crossed, all will be well. Our entry is visible here as car240. (a tribute to our prior years running of the trusty 240z.
    It has been a long (and sometimes extremely frustrating) road to this point, but hopefully the "fun" will all start from here.
    Thanks to those comments of support and responses to my questions along the way.
    Ps did try and add some pix of the current state of the Terrano but trying to upload pix just didnt want to wotk. 

  • Pezzy

    This is a public message on my own feed.

  • itsalwayssomethig

    Hi everyone my name is Bill thanks for having me.

  • Jacob824

    Hey guys I have a 1997 r50 and my tires are getting bald and i want to upgrade my tires without changing my rims and getting a lift. I was first wanting to put some falkons on it but realized that they don't make them in 265 70 15. Anyways i have been struggling to find tires that check all my boxes. I was interested in the general grabbers but i heard they have bad road noise and ware out quick. I also preferably want a tire that is good in snow, rain and mud. If you guys have any ideas please let me now!

  • Havocstate

    Man. My 1990 SE won’t idle or run right. I’m at a loss. Bout to pull the injectors see if I messed them up when I changed em

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