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Getting ready to sell the '4

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Hi All,

Long time no chat....

After much consternation I going to be selling the QX4...unfortunatly we need 2 more cylinders.

You guys have been a wealth of knowlege and I was wondering if I could call upon the collective to let me know if I missed anything in getting the Q' ready for sale to get the best buck possible.


The suv: 2001 Infinity QX4 - VQ35DE

The goods: Clarion head unit

Replaced the MAF

OME suspension

Missing Link

TCM 2003 + (Transmission Control Module) - no shift flairs

Amsoil in and on everything

K&N intake


7 pin Trailer connector - Prodige P3 brake controler with custom removable mount


I think thats all.

I haven't had the butterfly valve screws inspected but i will assume they are still there.


So.... is there any obvious things that I have missed? Like maybe topping up the headlight fluid etc....



Thanks again guy's for all your help and info over the years.

If it wasn't for the extra umph required I'd keep the Q' on the road for another 10 yrs.

Markus Wieland

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Whatcha need the extra cylinders for? Are you towing something huge?

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lol Howie,

If it was huge and for a short distance I could would give it a tug with the QX4 no problem.

I just find that for longer distances the brick of a travel trailer we have would be better towed by a bigger engine.... like a VK56......mmmmm Vee Kay fifty six....


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