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  1. I did this today! I used the same silicone spray pictured above and it worked like a champ! I would have never believed this worked so well if I had not tired it. I used to joke about how I purchased the "extra sloooow window option". Not any more. Thanks!
  2. The full conversion would be very cool. I read your thread a few days ago right before I joined. Interesting. I may do the Brembos. I found a few sites earlier. They were 200+. pretty normal. I know they are not crap. I have lots of experience with Rotora. They make the BBK's (Big Brake Kits) I use on my other cars. They are very good and I will probably go this route after I confirm the way they were made with the engineer. I know him. http://www.amazon.com/Rotora-R-42068-2S-PA...5502&sr=8-3 http://www.amazon.com/Rotora-R-42068-1S-PA...5502&sr=8-4
  3. That does qualify. I think I am going to do the pipe trick, routing cold air up to the intake from one of the fog grill inserts. Where can I get the MAF adapter plate for a cone filter? Thanks, Jim
  4. No big deal. I agree with the above. I must agree that there are some very ****** american brand rotors. I was just talking about where most of the good metal, from the start, comes from. Metal of any grade from anywhere can be proccessed into the highest grade possible. I have probably taken this way too far for the practicality of the Path. I am leaning toward the Brembo blanks at the moment. The market doesnt look too broad for the Path.
  5. Not from a company called Americansteel, I was only referring to the cheap metallurgy of many foreign sourced low grade steel. There are Asian companies with high grade steel but MOST of the high grade steel is sourced from the U. S. and European plants/mines. High grade steel is much less likely to warp and has a slightly higher thermal capacity. Most of the good stuff from the Asian companies starts out from the U. S. and European plants. I was throwing out info from experience. I would have to dig to provide the accurate concrete evidence. Probably shouldn’t say it if I'm not going to back it up. Please accept my apology if that came off as a racist comment.
  6. I have a BBK from Rotora on one of my cars. It was a night and day brake performance change with regard to fade and repeated use during performance driving. I cant make em fade at 150mph. I have a slight shimmy in the front end under braking on the Path. It comes and goes so I am hoping it is suspension related. If it doesnt go away after the work (replacing every rubber and ball/socket part), I want to get some nice rotors or larger rotors for the beast. The rotors on the truck now only have about 8K miles and new pads. I thought we should start a thread to make a list of available high end rotors and pads from top companies with testimony to warpage resistance. Where to buy the good stuff? Anyone know of a way to put larger rotors on or someone who has done it from say a Titan? If not, who makes Rotors with the best warpage resistance for the Pathfinder or a BBK, Cyro treated and/or high quality American steel? I saw that StopTech makes a set but I know, all too well, the rotor game. Thermal capacity is the rule! It doesnt change unless you add material thus storing more Jules of thermal energy before warpage. However, high quality, non-Chinese/Japanese steel, with special treatments and slots can go a long way to improve resistance to warpage. FYI, those of you using OEM size rotors with drilled holes as opposed to cast holes and abuse the brakes on the hwy or around town, they will form radial cracks out from the holes to the edge of the disk over time. They can eventually crack and seize a wheel, never seen it on a slotted rotor. It does happen with cheap drilled steel. Most race cars and high end marks that use rotors with holes are actually cast that way or have been drilled with enough material in the disk to prevent cracking from thermal capacity overload. Some of them honestly do it just for the look. The way to go is slotted hands down. I have tons of experience with brake systems. I have destroyed countless cheap rotors in my early days. Most drilled rotors start as cheap steel blanks. Take a look at your own if you have cross-drilled’s, it is something to keep an eye on. Drilled does look cool though! I should just get off my ass and start calling the companies I know make good rotors and look into it. I will report back with what I find but what do you know about premium rotors for the Path with good warpage resistance regardless of cost?
  7. has this been verified with the BFG's for the LE 17" wheels? Thanks.
  8. So when is the after dyno coming? I would love to know what the numbers where? Anyone tried the cams from the 4X4pars.com site? They say they are billet cut and not regrinds. $550 for the VG33 in the 2000 path.
  9. Excuse me! Dont know how that crap fell on the key board. The Pathfinder obviously does not have leaf springs. I bought the front and rear poly bushings for the front lower arm the 8 one piece bushings for the rear upper and lower trailing arms new brakes for the rear, the front balls, outer tie rods, sway bar end-links front and rear, manual hubs for the front, upper end-link bushings for the rear links, both steering rack mounts. I’m going to have the rear drums turned assuming they are thick enough. I will flush all the lines brake lines with Motul, do the oil with synthetic M1 10W-30, Seafoam, etc. Should get to it the first week in January. I should have a nice ride after I install everything. Soon as the tires are done I'll get some black steel wheels and BFG's, probably 29-31". Suggestions? Next will be the comp cams with new lifters and the CAI with a port match and polish to the UIM and the LIM courtesy of me. Not going to play with the heads. Does the board have a preferred CAI proven to show the most gains in WHP on a dyno or something recommended? After that I will probably do the HD suspension package mentioned above if all goes well for the testers. The ECU upgrade doesn’t seem to be worth it. I want a beast but it has to be streetable, stable, and comfy on the interstate at 80mph.
  10. On the diff itself or on the pumpkin/diff housing?
  11. ^^^Thanks Anybody have a list of sizes I should look at hight, width, load rating, etc. I should look at when buying for the LE 4x4 What is the most common tire width and hight here for a stock suspension 4x4 LE assuming at least one step up from stock?
  12. I have been looking around and found some info on the LSD for the Pathfinder. I cant confirm if my truck has one or not. Anybody know? From looking at the service manual there is a LSD and an open face listed. Anyway, the open face listed appears to have a beakaway torque of only 65-80 ft/lb. Weak! Whats the point? Has anyone else put an aftermarket LSD in the rear of the 2000 LE Pathfinder? I saw the LSD on the 4X4parts.com site but has anyone used it and really likes it. Anyone know what the breakaway torque is for it or what is available. I have a call into one of there techs now. The threads I found here were speculative and inconclusive. Thanks, Jim Are there any tech-ies here who might know what I could do if I tore down the OEM diff, if I have the LSD, to increase the breakaway torque?
  13. Well the topic says it all. I hope I am not being a total noob buy asking this if there is a section dedicated to it. Mods, delete this thread if there is please. I want to get some wheels and tires for the Path. Looks like only 31"s will fit with the stock lift from my research. I cant find a 1" high quality lift kit. Anyone know where to find that. The lift will come later. So I want tires and wheels. I dont want bling wheels, just stock size black steel wheels with BFG's, probably A/T's. Who knows where the best place to get them the cheapest possibly in a package deal? thanks, Jim

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