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  1. I love the look of the red pathy with black rims. i have the same color pathy but im still stuck with stock come wheels.
  2. i was wondering what kind of diff set up did these things come with...i know the rear lsd was an option. but wha about the front? is it open, lsd, or locked?
  3. welcome...this place is overflowing with knowledge. if you have any question just ask we probably have an answer.
  4. I would love the full banner... i think thats freaking awesome. i dont know if anyone else would order it tho.if u do make them about how much would they be?
  5. yup even put in my stereo and sub while i was at it...lol thank you guys...like i said b4 its a good thing i asked.
  6. thank you guys for the help..this place is heaven
  7. c good thing i asked i would have pulled the tank lol stupid me i guess thats what u guys r for...knowledge
  8. finally gonna change my fuel pump in my 91 XE v6 this weekend. does anyone have any info about possible unforeseen problems or hidden bolts? any info would be great and help speed things along. it looks like its gonna start raining soon and i wanna get out on the trail.
  9. ill look into it thanx for the offer
  10. yea that a given...lol i'm looking into body lift, tires obviously, no more rear sway bar, and exhaust. i'm leaving for the coast guard within the next year or two depending on how things work out with my work, so i dont wanna get too invested until i get settled in and got some spare money, but i never know what im going to do. haven't looked for that awesome orange sticker yet..nor do i even know if the 1991 XE v6 had that as an option...i do wanna build a capable truck for weekend driving on trails and the riverbed. how much do you think it would cost to obtain a LSD?
  11. yea thats what i was talking about. thank u ill check it out
  12. hey my problem is a little different...i don't have electrical locks...my key doesn't unlock my door i know their is a little piece of plastic that connects the key lock to the door lock..i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem..or knows where i can get a kit for this..i don't really wanna take the time to go to the junk yard and find the parts...but i will if i have to
  13. well i have no oil leaks with GTX 5w20
  14. i was looking for the big npora sticker that goes across the windshield. i cant think of who has it off the top of my head...... but someone does
  15. idk mine has run on 5w20 for at least 200k of its 250k life with no problems my step dad who had the car before me also is a mechanic

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