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  1. sorry for sideways picture I cant figure out how to fix that
  2. That storage box sounds like a good idea, thanks!
  3. That's a real shame, NC inspection doesn't require airbags from what I know so I was gonna cheap out on the passenger airbag and just get the cover.
  4. How much you pay for the whole set if you dont mind me asking?
  5. Never mind guys I've figured it out, it's a power steering line I was mixing up the fillers Part number is 49790-4W00A. Thank you guys for helping with airbag information.
  6. I'll try looking on Ebay, thank you. Now that tube I followed it and it seems to be coming from where you pour engine oil into the car and if that's the case I need to get it fixed asap as its pinched. I drained the oil but the oil cap is still full. I dont know the part number or the name of the tube.
  7. Thank you for the response! That's a shame I cant buy that from a junkyard but Thank you for the passenger air bag part #. Also I was meaning the metal pipe in front of the lower tie bar, the one that looks to be connected to oil.
  8. Hello y'all, I'm new here and I just recently bought a Pathfinder as a project vehicle. And I'm loving every bit of it. But I need some help finding a few parts that I've tried to find myself but cant really find. The first is just the cover for the passenger dash airbag, does anyone know where I can possible find one of these? The second being either a new steering wheel or just the steering wheel middle piece. I've tried searching for this piece but everywhere I've looked says unavailable. And lastly what is the correct term for this metal tube in the picture below, I've looked in the Lubricating and cooling book but cant find it anywhere

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