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  1. For anyone else out there like myself who are trying to fix this in 2019, the part number referenced in "solution2.pdf" "KA7808" is obsolete. The functional equivalent is now UA7808CKCS. On Mouser here: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Texas-Instruments/UA7808CKCS?qs=JD1fk4stihZrIzHFneE4ug%3D%3D Cheers
  2. Thank you is there a diagram for a 1992 anywhere? Or do I just need to play guess and check. The burnt loom has a ton of wires but the good one just has black red white. Wondering what that one controls. Maybe the 02 sensor and the rest is backup light, neutral switch, and ???
  3. The post speaks for itself. What a ridiculously good looking WD21, and I couldn't believe the price... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1991-nissan-pathfinder/
  4. For posterity, the regulator was most certainly replaced and in working order. The short on the circuit is related to my most recent post, oh joy. I also gave up on getting the damn connector out and cut the wires (whoops). Turns out it was impossible anyway since it needed to be pressed down from the rear with a flathead, which I didn't have room to do since the power wires had no slack. Got it out, added some "extensions" to the 12V and ground wires in case I need to get it out again, and had another whiskey.
  5. Hey folks, Big help last time with my dash regulator in the previous post, it's definitely all working as it should and has been replaced already. So that's not what's blowing the meter fuse. I found it after some flashlight time under the hood. It's the classic "wire melted on the exhaust manifold". Wow does that look like a pain in the ass to fix. It's totally fried. The issue now is that the closest service manual I can find for my 1992 is for a 1994 model, and there is one difference I'm spotting that's throwing me for a loop. Images: https://imgur.com/7l0yR2r There are two wiring looms that travel from connectors on the right wheel well, over the manifold, and down thru the trans tunnel to a handful of sensors all over the transmission. One of them has been deep fried on the griddle that is the exhaust manifold, and has to be the reason my meter fuse is going kaput (see photos 1 and 2 in the attachment). Given the truck runs fine without the fuse working, aside from no dash gauges (who knows what electrical @!*% the P/O did to make that happen), I'm just going to disconnect it and see how she does. BUT that doesn't really solve the problem. I'd like to get things in working order again... I popped into the 94 harness layout and determined these were connectors 1E and 5E (see photo 3). Okay cool. Can't really tell which goes to what as they seem to magically merge in the photo. I go to the wiring diagram (photo 4) and realize why they magically "merge"... because in a 1994, there should be one or the other depending on if you're rowing your own or slushing around. So why do I have two? Even after the meter fuse blows, I still have a working tach (edit: working SPEEDO. Tach goes with the rest of the dash). I see there's a vehicle speed sensor on that circuit, as well as a backup lamp switch, transfer switch, neutral position switch. 4WD also works (not 100% sure if that is what "transfer switch" refers to...). Perhaps the second, non-damaged wire loom is for the speed sensor and 1992 models just had them separated out? I can't find a good photo of a 1994 for reference. the 1991 in photo 5 (from this amazing auction) shows two sets of looms... so... yeah I'm just confused. Any help understanding this is appreciated!
  6. Just spent a few hours disassembling a dashboard for the first time (fun!) hunting down whatever short circuit is causing my meter fuse to repeatedly blow. Thought I’d check the regulator behind the gauges to rule that out. Two questions: 1. did someone replace this already? See photo. Unit looks different than the Bible (solution2.pdf) shows and the wiring is reversed to the board. pic: https://imgur.com/4zPkiRg 2. whoever designed the power connector can die in a fire. After over an hour wrestling with it I just cut the damn wires off. Still can’t get it unseated on my workbench let alone doing origami with my arms trying to get it out in the dash. GRRRRRRRRRR I’m gonna be mad about that for days. Any idea wtf is up with that? Haven’t found a single post anywhere complaining about it. Maybe mine is broken somehow or I’m just a total idiot. thanks in advance.
  7. Hey, I just bought this truck! Timing belt was done recently, this thing seems to have some electrical gremlins. Meter fuse was popped, causing the non-op dash stuff, replaced that and it popped again 10 minutes later. My guess is the regulator is fine and there's a short somewhere... will leave it that way until I can go through the wiring harness. I'm an Electrical Engineer but not an electrician, so I might be SOL. At least it runs and drives great, lol. Reverse lights don't work either. FUNTIMES. Got it for $1700 as well, should have started lower as she accepted that price immediately. Oops. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a 1992 service manual? Found a free one online for a 1994, and a few weird websites that want me to pay to access (trust level: 0), but figured there would be a PDF floating around somewhere.
  8. Hey gang! Just picked up a clean 1992 WD21 "The Beast" on Saturday and I can't be more excited. I am now the proud owner of two 1992 midsized SUVs, the other being an Eddie Bauer Explorer. Look for a side by side review on YouTube soon, it's going to be riveting! (kidding... but maybe I'll go pick up a '92 Blazer, 4Runner and XJ to complete the set) This example is an SE trim, 5 speed. Sweet tilt sunroof and everything. That granny gear in first is a real trip. Already found a ton of great stuff here to get my journey started. The speedometer is currently the only working gauge on the entire cluster, so that should be fun to work through, and there appear to be a few vacuum leaks. Alignment is also jacked up, sounds like I'm in for quite the journey to get that fixed... haha. Also the center console is busted, so hopefully these things are plentiful at the local pick-n-pull. Other than that, it's in phenomenal condition for the age! Looking forward to stalking the forum for information and contributing however I can, though I generally just lurk since I'm no mechanic Cheers

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