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    I just bought my pathfinder back in june of this year (2019). It is a 5 speed standard transmission. I bought it with a brush guard. 245/75/R16 tires in it. It does not have a lift on it yet. But woul like to get more information on how and where i can find parts to get started on my build.
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    Tuba City Arizona
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    I Go When I Can
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    Tuba City Arizona
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  1. Great. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store. Can't wait to see what you guys have to offer. Also interested in a lift just don't know what I'm looking for just yet. But really like what you guys are doing. It's great. Thank you.
  2. Any updates? Really interested. Also from AZ. Would be willing to be a test rig. If you guys are still looking for someone people. If not also very interested in the lift options that you have. Keep up the great work. Is there anywhere else I can find or see any updates?? Thanks
  3. I live up here on the reservation. So off roading is all around up here. Yes make sure you pack what you need. But good to know where i can find information for different parts of the state. Thank you.
  4. Ok. Cool. Just thought I'd say hi to everyone in Arizona. Where about do you all go for off roading down in your part of the state?
  5. Looking into a lift as well for my 96. How did your pathfinder come out? And how much did itrin you.? If you got it?
  6. Just a new member from the northern part of Arizona. Just getting started on my 96 pathfinder. new to the whole 4x4 scene. Just want to see whats all out there as far as 4x4 clubs.
  7. Do you do work on other peoples pathfinders as well?
  8. I would like to get information on what kind of spacer lift is recommended along as shocks, cv axels, tires and wheels. As well as problems with my knock sensor and i think my distributor. As well as where i can buy good parts and good information for my 1996 4x4 manual transmission. Thank you for the membership.
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