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  1. Thanks for the info. I figured getting the hinges off would be a huge pain in the butt. I've sent a powder coater some images and asked if they could powder coat it with the hinges on and still get decent coverage. I'd much rather not take them off. I plan to definitely rivnut the bolts on the very rear of the vehicle, but potentially use nuts & bolts with a reinforcement plate on the sides of the vehicle since you can reach the side ones from the inside (might be a pain to reach them but I think its do-able from what I've read. The rear ones seem to be impossible to reach)
  2. Thank you everyone who contributed info and tips to this thread! I'm going to tackle this myself soon, but do have a few more questions ^First off , @hawairish how exactly did you take apart the OE hinge pieces? Did you have to cut/drill them out or what? I want to get my entire carrier powder coated and i'm guessing it would be better if I could remove the hinge bushings on mine and take the hinges off. Next, what is everyone using for drill bits for the M8/M10 holes? Some are mentioning step drill bits, some are saying start with a smaller hole and get bigger until? what final size exactly? I think someone mentioned 17/32nds or some odd size like that. Is it better to use a step drill bit or to just start small and work my way up with regular drill bits? Is there a certain material of drill bit to use for the sheet metal/aluminum support brackets?
  3. Looking for an R50 tire carrier. I’m located in NC, near Raleigh. Willing to drive a good bit for one or even go pull it myself if anyone has a lead on one in a junkyard.
  4. Hi all. Been browsing for a bit but finally picked up a Pathfinder. 1998 SE, 102k miles, 4x4, stick shift (). Picked it up from the original owner. Spent its entire life in Colorado and North Carolina, so its in pretty great shape. First thing I'm going to do is repaint the fading black bumpers and other trim. Looking forward to being able to do more outdoors-type of things and have some utility in my life that my GT350 doesn't have.

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