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  1. Have you guys heard of http://www.car-part.com/? Hope this helps someone.
  2. Thanks, guys! I'm thinking I'll buy a gallon of the Redline MT-90 and fill as much as I can until it leaks out or matches what comes out. A gallon should be enough considering the smaller starting volume for the 2WD, right?
  3. Hello, Is the 2WD Pathfinders affected by the manual gearbox oil starvation in the TSB? The TSB seems to only mention the 4WD models. FS5R30AIf you have a 4WD Pathfinder with this transmission, you must overfill the transmission. See this thread on NPORA. 2WD: 2.536 quarts 4WD: 3.80 quarts
  4. Hello, Never mind, I found my answer after reading a couple other threads: I will soon be the owner of a 93 2WD XE with 243k miles. I am learning how to drive manual on it and really want to give it the care it deserves. I have done a lot of reading (using Redline MT-90, 5L instead of 3.6L, etc). I looked on YouTube to find guides on how to change the transmission oil on manual cars and it seems most people do it at the transmission under the car near the drain plug. However, from my readings here, it seems it's best to add from the gear shifter for this model. That looks like a lot of work where I may mess things up. 1. Is it not recommended to add from below the car? Is there anyway to go that route instead? 2. Is there another easier to reach location to add the transmission oil?

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