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  1. Right on! Just wanted to be on the safe side. Thanks brother
  2. I have a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder that had damage on the upper plenum and was causing leaks. Also had damage to the 90 degree coolant press fit hose connector close to the egr flange nut. So I replaced the whole upper plenum with one out of a 1999 Pathfinder but noticed that the 99 manifold had an extra line for what it appears to be an actuator line that the original 96 upper plenum in my truck didn’t have. My question is, do I have to get the actual actuator and connect the actuator line to the manifold or is it just safe to buy hose female caps and delete the lines on the manifold? has anyone done this upper plenum swap or has any information about this. I’d really appreciate any help. will post up pictures of this soon Thanks -Art323
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