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  1. I lifted it up another .5", that seems to have helped out with the positive camber problem. It still has a bit of positive camber and both wheels are pretty toed-in. I'm thinking I will bring it in for an alignment in the next day or two once I get the low pro bumpstops installed - these are the ones i ordered for the uca - https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/ens-9-9102g
  2. Thanks I'll try lifting it some more. Also, when I installed the RC UCA's I left the alignment shims/washers on the uca bolts. They were about 2mm thick. Should I have removed these?
  3. Hey guys, I just finished installing a suspension lift on my pathfinder. Front is new Rough Country UCA's with Rancho RS5214 shocks. Rear is JGC V8 springs, which I just bought new (MOOG CC782) and Rancho RS5116 shocks. In the front I adjusted the torsion bars to give a 1.5" lift, and the rear springs gave me 2.5 inch of lift. I think I need to raise the front a bit more to match the rear, but the issue is the UCA's are 1/4" from touching the bumpstops. Maybe I need lower profile upper bumpstops? any ideas? Also the front has excessive positive camber, hopefully the alignment shop can get it back in spec.
  4. Hey guys, I've been on the forum for a while but haven't posted much. Here is my 1994 with 220,000 kms that I have been slowly fixing up. It is pretty much stock at the moment, other than the hardbody front end. Next up is a 3" lift. I'm thinking RC control arms, and JGC springs for the rear.
  5. What type of lube did you use?

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