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  1. Hello all, Since lock down i decided to use my time to look for a new vehicle, I was mostly looking at trucks because i do want to do some towing in the future, but did enjoy my large suv coming from the QX4. The worst part about the QX4 was the power or lack of it, so i desperately wanted to avoid that again. Basically for towing and not under powering a chassis i needed a full size v8 (like a 5.7 Ram not a 4.7). After 2 months of searching i stumbled upon the holy grail - a fully loaded 2008 V8 Pathfinder that looks to be in near mint condition minus a little but of rust at the front bottom corner of the driver door. I got another 2 hour drive this weekend 1 way to go pick it up and she will be all mine! My plans for the vehicle are nothing crazy, I saw the ironman lifts on sale but currently out of stock and was deciding on if i really needed that. After driving this one the suspension still felt great so i decided i dont need a full conversion yet and if it fits the V8 I plan to do the 1.5" SFCreations body lift to improve asthetics and maybe a bit more clearance to fit a new bigger set of K02's. Besides tires and the small body lift i may in the future still do a suspension lift, but im considering if i can fit a hidden-type winch in the factory bumper and or throw on some new light bars. Will post some photos when i get it
  2. Yeah I know about how the diffs work, i just assumed it wasn't open in the front for some reason. And because this is primarily my winter vehicle im running Cooper Discoverer AT/W We had to watch those damn training films in college too. for some reason i just assumed it wasn't an open in the front. But good to know about the hubs thank you Overall she pulls the cars good just a little to much mud on a bit of an incline and she was slipping. Approached from a different line without the car and made it out and then did a reverse pull when i had better traction further up to finish the job
  3. So in the QX4 is the lock switch basically just to engage constant 4w?
  4. I was towing some cars out of my backyard today in 4Low and after a bit the ground was real soft and started spinning in some mud. I'm like 75% though that as i was spinning in mud i dont think my driver front wheel was spinning. I replaced my axle the other month so i know thats all good but could it be an auto hub issue? Im not mistaken that 4Low would be driving all 4 wheels right?
  5. Correction on my part. I did go with cardone as i was in a rush and could get those on amazon next day in Canada. I will say i believe mine have been problem free but not sure where others have had issues to compare.
  6. I appreciate the input and i have some questions - for learning purposes not to be offensive in anyway. The timing belt was changed 30k km ago and 2 years ago, what are the odds of it randomly jumping timing while idling? I believe - not 100% sure but we got it to start by advancing timing as i remember him saying it hated being fully advanced but was good with a bit. I think as the spark plugs looked like crap and the constant cranking over the couple days and constant engine flooding would ruin the spark plugs even more thus also explaining why it missfired? I know the basics of timing and timing charts but never have had an problems with it and only set timing a handful of times. Would you think it could be fatal for the engine if i just tried replacing the distributor and sparkplugs and took it around the block to see if that solved it, before pulling it further apart to reset the timing? Ideally I would have a timing gun or pull it apart to check but unfortunately our shop doesnt have one and i only have like half an hour a day to mess with it occasionally with a techs help. As with the age of these engines very few people i work with a good with them, and thats why i really appreciate the feed back here.
  7. Well good news we got it to start and checked fuel pressure it was all good. We got it to start by messing a bunch with the timing at the distributor so were gonna try replacing it and hope for the best. It idled fine but once you start driving it runs pretty poor. Anything below 20km/h and it probably would die unless i went to neutral and revved it. The spark plugs looked a bit bad when we first looked at it all, but from the constant trying to start and flooding i now have a missfire code so they're prob junk and will be replacing those aswell. I hope most distributors last longer than 2 years, but i really hope this fixes it.
  8. Yeah i know its getting some fuel as i can smell it and i did take off the fuel line up at the motor and as i primed it pissed some out but again just cause some fuel doesnt mean enough pressure.. oddly enough we got it to start once, run for 10 minutes, turned it off and it wouldnt restart.
  9. No, I checked with a handheld scanner and consult, no codes
  10. Yes the rotor is turning. And i took the cap off, the rotor off, then the black shield piece held in by 2 screws and it all looked clean to me under it
  11. i havent got to fully rip it apart but i remember it looking pretty good a couple months ago. I also just checked my receipts from the previous owner. The distributor and spark plug wires was replaced only 2 years and 30k km ago, so i would doubt its that?
  12. We're assuming I have fuel as i took of the high pressure feed line and primed it for a second and it pissed out. Used a noid light injectors are getting a signal so i assume firing. The spark plugs do look a bit dry though. We pulled out a plug and grounded it and tried starting and it did spark. The engine does seem to crank normally. I do smell fuel., i tried pumping the pedal to start and flooring it. Not sure of any fuses that may effect it? A guy i work with even though he had spark, he says he still needed a new distributor so maybe ill have to go buy a new one?
  13. Was leaving work, was about to pull out and while waiting it started juddering a ton for a couple seconds then died. She cranks, has spark, and i just filled up the other day and shows over half a tank but no start. tried unplugging the MAF but also no luck and no codes. help 1997 VG33E QX4
  14. Where the AC lights easy to do? my AC controls have 0 lights except for the orange selected light

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