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  1. TroyButler

    Gas mileage...

    I know this topic has been brought up before but I see people getting around 300 miles per tank, but by the time my gauge is on E i'm only getting 200 miles (320km) and am paying $58 (75cad) a week to drive this thing. For a winter beater its certainly not cheap on gas. Is something wrong or is this to be expected? this is on 2WD, partial city and highway
  2. TroyButler

    R50 Bump Stop Bolt?

    I know this is an old thread, but i didn't happen to see my jounce bumper on my passenger rear, and my driver side rear, its sitting at the bottom of the coil spring, on its side doing nothing. Whats the appropriate fix?
  3. TroyButler

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Is there a spring for 1" lift?
  4. TroyButler

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    So 1" is perfectly fine, if i go for 2 do springs and longer shocks and that would prevent issues? or still have issues
  5. TroyButler

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    I thought I read here 2" can be a point of consern with the CV axels
  6. TroyButler

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Got her oil sprayed to prevent any rust
  7. I know there have been many many post about lifts, and the search function here isn't great, but i was wondering if there are any concerns if i get the 1" SFCreations spacers? I know with 2+ i have to worry about CV angles and such, so is there any concern with a 1"? Just looking for maybe a little more clearance for winter. Also if there is a thread or anything that covers this exactly feel free to link it, thank you.
  8. TroyButler

    Vacuum Line To Nothing?

    Yeah i have already replaced it. The loose charcoal in my lines makes me think its the canister
  9. TroyButler

    Vacuum Line To Nothing?

    I believe its probably that area, i use to smell it near the front but assume that was due to the EGR vacuum line that wasn't attached. i'll pull everything apart tomorrow and figure it all out
  10. TroyButler

    Welcome New Members !

    Hello, Been reading this forum since the day I picked up my 1997 Infiniti QX4 (pathfinder in a tuxedo) and have learned a great lot about the vehicle since and have already started some modifications and repairs. Vehicle mechanically seems really good and the body has next to no rust besides the side steps. Currently have an Auxbeam lightbar installed in the front grill, a roof basket with an extension and some Cooper AT/W's waiting to be put on. Decided ive posted enough to show off the new rig. This vehicle is primary a winter vehicle (not beater, more defeater ) and hopefully will get to do some light/medium off roading.
  11. TroyButler

    Vacuum Line To Nothing?

    Thanks for the heads up, I knew it was going bad as I have already cleared my lines in the engine bay of charcoal just need to clear the rest. Would you agree that with the canister failing it would explain why i occasionally smell gas?
  12. TroyButler

    Vacuum Line To Nothing?

    Just thought I would update, fixing this did get rid of my P0400 code. still have the 1447 to figure out but one down at least, and for free
  13. TroyButler

    Vacuum Line To Nothing?

    You sir rock. After feeling around forever i found it. Had to remove the valve, to be able to access it and assuming i put it back together all right (valve sits in a really short vacuum line/adapter) I should be good i hope!
  14. TroyButler

    Vacuum Line To Nothing?

    Any follow up?
  15. I hate check engine lights and I currently have one and have been working through the various codes. I have P0400 and P1447. I assume the 1447 is related to a bad charcoal canister as i cleared my lines of a lot of charcoal and i think for P0400 its due to either a stuck open EGR Valve or a bad EGRC solenoid. While working around in that area of the engine i found a vacuum line to nothing (attached image) and was wondering if anyone had the same or could show where it connects. I was looking on ProDemand and it shows on a diagram that it should T into other lines but i see no T and it's a short line that doesn't look broken or cut so i doubt it could reach that section anyways. Any and all help is greatly apprecieated

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