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  1. Hi KillerMiller, hows it going with your restoration... Looking good. I started a similar project with a 1988 Terrano 1, 2.4 Z24 petrol (identical in many aspects to the Pathy from the same era). If I can offer my tuppence worth of knowledge (Haha), if you can see your engine cooling system has had water instead of antifreeze in it, then take a close look at your core plugs before it all goes back in (is it already too late !!!) I saw markings on mine and popped them out in situ (tough to get access on some) and found they were corroded and ready to leak, but also, a huge build up of sludge, rust and muck in the block just behind the plug, which was greatly reducing the coolant circulation and causing overheating. The other thing you might want to check, is the coolant thermo choke (on the right hand side of your carb photo). If there has been a lot of muck and sludge in the cooling system, it almost definitely has accumulated in that housing rendering the auto choke inoperative, provoking higher revs at start up but not dropping off. If its completely clean inside, it should work, but if not, its really hard to find a replacement and in my case, I just had to block mine off. Good luck...
  2. Started my Terrano 1 project last winter and got it through its Spanish ITV (MOT) by June, but I'm still sorting out non-essential stuff like the rear windscreen wiper (where do you turn the bloody thing on and off !!) and the blower fan. It doesn't work on any setting, 1 - 4, so I unscrewed it and dropped it down, but ... ...The Fan Works Fine. It doesn't seem to have a plug-in heater blower resistor anywhere like the newer Terranos. I checked the fuses, including the dedicated one down with the Fan. Can anyone give me a pointer as to what to do next ? I'm a spanner monkey but don't get far with electrics !!!!
  3. Not sure if this is any good to any of you, but I had trouble sourcing tail cluster light lenses for my Terrano '88. The price seemed OK but no idea if you can get these cheaper in the 'west'. It was $34 for one side cluster. Hope it helps someone. Nissan Pathfinder Terrano Tail Light Lamp http://stores.ebay.co.uk/WebBodyShop?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  4. Thanks Slartibartfast, that video helped and I found another that identified the clips, what can go wrong and even the part numbers. Big help, thanks again. I'll be back to humbly beg for assistance and knowledge as I'm only just getting started with this restoration. Hate to think what I've got myself into !!! Oh, and I won't be going near photobucket now, thanks for that tip too.
  5. Hi everyone, just new here on the forum having inherited a wreck of a Terrano 88 and stupidly decide to renovate it ! Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I found a really great post here 'How to replace the plastic snap connectors in the door locking mechanism' but unfortunately can't see the images. I also saw that Photobucket have started demanding money from users. Do I have to pay to see the images? I'll try and not be a pain in the *** but I'm hoping for a lot of tips and help from all you knowledgable Pathy and Terrano guys out there......

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