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  1. I saw the whole intake assembly at a u pull n pay in orlando and at budget u pull it in winter garden. Both run less that 10 a piece bucks there. But that was a couple weeks ago.
  2. Hi all. Just checking to see if there are more Floridians out there. Maybe something can be set up to hang or meet at some point. Orlando FL here. 99 QX4
  3. I got a 99 QX4. But son nicknamed it Godzilla.
  4. If anyone else can confirm that filling through the VSS would work, it will be much appreciated. Thanks for any replies.
  5. I have the breaker bar. Just got the truck about 3 weeks ago. Replaced the vss and very dark fluid came out. I can tell it wasnt well maintained at all. Broke two 3/8 adapters while trying to break it loose. So just letting it soak. But if i can fill it through the vss port then it will solve the fluid exchange problem for now.
  6. Hi all. New member here. Ill be posting in intro soon. Just need to get this sorted first. Have a question that i havent seen answered anywhere. Im trying to do the drain and refill on the T case. But ofcourse the fill plug doesnt want to budge. Im still trying with penetrating oil and breaker bar etc. My question is. If i cant take it off can i use the vss hole to refill?? Seems like it should work just want to know if anyone has tried it. I havent drained anything yet. Didnt want to do that till i found a alternate fill location. Thanks for any speedy replies.

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