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  1. Im going to try and make it as well. Hopefully in the pathfinder but i still have the xterra as well!
  2. tried email, facebook PM and a message on his site.....nothing
  3. Awesome thanks. I sent him a message on facebook, ill try his email.
  4. Any updates on if/where these are still available?
  5. Awesome thanks guys! yeah the 88 has an auto in it already. i have a manual out of that 91 i bought wrecked. guy is selling me a perfectly running (190K) engine, ecu and engine harness for $300 and offered me the auto for another $150 so im thinking it might be nice to have a spare? or is it really even needed? it has less miles on it than my auto 88 trans though.
  6. Question for the experts. im picking up a vg33 tomorrow and the guy offered me the auto trans to go with it for cheap. Its a 96. My rig that im building is an 88 pathy. and it has an auto in it as well. from my research it looks like they both have the same auto trans so will the one form the 96 work with the 88 with no issues? or will I need the tcm form the 96 to make it work in my 88? And for those that say don't run the auto cause its crap please keep those comments to yourself plus in case the auto does ever crap out on me I have a manual ready to go in. Thanks for the help! (ps is there an actual members build page?)
  7. ^will do!! found a vg33 ill be pulling tomorrow for the engine in this rig!
  8. i live in the auburn/black diamond area.
  9. lol i understand!! My xterra i posted is HEAVY with armour. BBC brakes were a welcomed upgrade lol
  10. haha thanks! and i bought it that way, guy ran it into a pole besides that its perfect! runs and drives!
  11. Building my next project. Bought a 88 2dr that will be turned into my next wheeling rig. has a blown engine currently. It basically will sit until I can get parts for SAS and other goodies!! And here is my other wheeling rig/daily driver

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