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  2. I have tried everything on my laptop. I think it has a virus because the mouse pointer is 2 arrows stacked on each other. Also when i go into Google Earth, cities are double named. Example; I was bored so I tried to get a satalite view of the rubicon trail in Utah. The map showed "Moab Moab, UT." Anyways I appreciate the feed back. This reply is from my phone.. And for the lift and 31"s, yeah I hear ya! Might wait on the lift but I do need some tires soon.
  3. Ok cool. I may just hack away and cover the crooked cuts with bushwacker flares. Thanks!!!
  4. Thanks all! If it comes down to it, Ill draw some pics with ms office paint.
  5. I can copy from PB, but when I try to paste it ignores me. LOL I even tried the image button in the task bar, but it freezes up and I have to "X" out. Works fine in other forums, maybe I am cursed.?.?
  6. Thanks. I have done those things, even works fine in other forums. But here, no lucky....
  7. Found a set of fiberglass prerunner fenders from a '97 hardbody. Is this a direct fit? Anyone cut fenders and add flares? Other than the standard 2" lifts and SAS, How can I stuff 35"s on my R50? (PS) I used the search box but had a hard time finding a more specific answer. Thanks in advance. -AC
  8. This is my second attempt to try to post pics. Not having any luck even with photobucket. Anyways, thought I would stop in to say hey and introduce my self. Looking forward to lifting my "Pathy" to run 31's or 33's. Its a daily driver that will be used for camping, fishing, and target shooting in the mountains. Hope to soak up all the good info here and meet some locals for trips and adventures. Once I figure out all the little buttons on the site, I'll post some pics of the progress. See you all outdoors! -AC
  9. New Guy here from San Diego, CA. Looking to lift my '97 SE so I can run 31's. Its a recent purchase and I didn't do any research on the truck before I handed over the cash, so now I am hoping I made a smart decision $2000 later. Its really clean with no issues at all. 166k miles. Not a drop of fluid from anywhere so its very well taken care of. I tried posting pics but not having any luck, even with photobucket. So, stopping in to say hey anyways.
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