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    My pathy was rear ended pretty hard and pushed into the car ahead of it. Definately a fixer upper but I'm willing to put the time into it. I have not made any changes to it yet. Currently running 32x11.5x50r15lt tires on stock wheels (not happy with this). Previous owner added air shocks to the back and cranked the torsion bars for a lift. Has an exhaust leak in the Y pipe I think. Also has top end issues going up hills and against strong winds. Lastly the frame in the back where it was rearended is rusted out bad.
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  1. I'm going to go to the big city probably tomorrow and check some shops to see what they say price wise for the swap. I have a relative I can talk to who might know someone as well. I don't have anywhere I can do the swap myself right now or that would be the way I'd go. The only problem is with the drivers side back door. It closes if you kinda slam it and it takes a few times of pulling the handle to unlatch. Looks about an eighth to quarter inch off or so. Everything else is fine. Even the rear gate opens, closes, and seals fine from what I can tell. I'll keep looking into things and post it here. Thanks for all the info everyone.
  2. If I go this route, I'll be purchasing the frame repair kit for the rear and getting it welded on as well. That way I don't have to worry about it for a while. Hopefully.
  3. Yeah I need to find a way to get a cut on the labor. I can get a frame for 400-500 plus gas to go get it. Its about 200 miles away. Which I don't think is a bad price for a frame.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I searched the forums and saw a lot about frame repair but nothing about swapping a frame or compatible years. I was hoping to just swap out the frame (if I can find one) since I plan on keeping this for a long time. The shop said it would be $4500 for them to get a frame IF they can find one, plus $1500 to actually swap the frame. I live in a fairly small town (8000 people) and its a small shop. I'm not surprised they did not have a lot of info on it honestly. If I decided to drive 35 miles, I probably would have had better luck on info from a shop. Might do that this Saturday (also to see about a cheaper quote) and also hit some junkyards in the morning to see what they have. I have called a couple yards but they only have 97 and up pathys. I also plan on doing a 2-3 inch body lift on it as well if I can find a frame to swap. Anyway. thanks for the replies. This gives me some info to work with at least.
  5. I am just looking into different options right now. I have a 93 XE that has been rear ended and the frame in front of the bumper was bent down and is now rusted out. I was hit so hard that the hitch assembly busted almost in half. I also have rust from just behind the rear suspension. The body shop I went into said if I can find a frame they would swap it out. Are any of the frames from other years able to be used? I know boxing in the frame is an option for behind the suspension but would hacking off the frame before the bend and welding in something else work well? I am just trying to find the most cost effective way to remedy this. Here are some pics:
  6. Hey all, Just bought a 93 Pathfinder XE automatic with 185k miles on it and will be starting work on it soon so these forums looked like a good place to get info. It needs some work especially the rear frame from suspension back is really rusted out. It has been rear ended pretty bad and pushed into the vehicle in front. I don't think ill have any problems replacing the front bumper. The rear gate opens and closes ok and seals. The drivers side rear door sticks closed but will open and close and seals good. It also has an exhaust leak in the Y pipe i think but not sure yet. Motor seems to run fine except against a strong wind and uphill. The top end just doesn't have that much power. It also has air shocks on the back and torsion bars cranked in front to lift it for the 32x11.5x50R15LT tires. Fenders rub and also on stock rims. There are some other minor fixes that are needed like an outside door handle needs replaced and gas gauge randomly goes to full and back down but that shouldn't be too hard to fix hopefully. I'll probably start with a basic tune up on it and work from there. I have no doubt ill have plenty of questions once i get more into it. Thankfully I found this site. Here's some pics: I look forward to hearing from everyone and any advise when I start working on it. Thanks all

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