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  1. That's the exact issues I have Xourque... looks like that's the next step.
  2. I did notice the battery light does flicker when cranking. Haven't had a chance to return battery for a swap yet.. but that is on my list.
  3. Seems to crank fine. I was curious if maybe the new battery still wasn't sufficient. Have to pump the throttle to get it to stay started on colder days. Otherwise once started it's great. No check engine lights. Truck runs great... just started doing this, this winter. Maybe I will exchange battery and see.
  4. Also since the Midwest has awesome weather.... we had a 50degree day truck started fine.. no hesitation. Then 2 days later it's 16degrees, and it struggles to start...
  5. Hey guys, My 03 pathfinder SE recently is struggling to start in the morning, or anytime it sits for 6-8hr. Once started, all is great and runs and re-starts as normal. I recently replaced the battery as it is cold here in Indiana and it came with the truck when I bought anyway (used). Battery was no help. I do have to give it some gas to get it to stay running when cranking, so this leads me to believe its fuel delivery.. Anyone had a similar issue or have any suggestions on where I should start? Thank you in advance! Pic for fun.
  6. It's been a couple weeks.. I think after a day or 2 of posting here, I decided to go back to the dealer, on the hunch something just wasn't right. Turns out they ended up doing another full flush. 2hr of guys staring at it.. And not being able to figure anything out, until they decided to flush.. After the new flush, all was back to normal. And I have been good for a couple weeks now. I asked why this time was different, and the service mgr didn't really want to talk about it. Turns out that maybe the first tech didn't do the full service.. Or at all. They fixed for free and I left happy... In the end. - air in the lines haha
  7. Ok, I need a little help guys, As the cold hit indiana, and I started using the heat...well it was less than great. It would heat up as I accelerated, then turn ice cold at idle...so I did some research and from almost everything I had read, it sounds like air in the coolant lines. I took it to the dealer and had a full flush service done and made sure to tell them my issue. Well I get the car back, and it was worse! (They also wanted to say this was a problem in the electronics and would cost $200 just to diagnose) I went home, added coolant, and bam! I have heat! Even at idle. Everything has been good for about a week. As of this morning my belts were screaming and I pop the hood and it appears the overflow was completely full and been splashing. All over the belts. I do still have heat, but this just isn't right. The truck is not getting hot.. Ever. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I do have what I would call "walking" on the road and loose feeling front end.. Hints why I think it is something other than brakes
  9. I agree with all above. I haven't had troubles with the shop, I actually have been more than satisfied with their help. I asked them to look into suspension, tie rods etc.. And they just said "all was good" I don't think they looked into it. I normally would tackle this on my own, but work and time has not let me.. I do think it's something tie rod/suspension related. I will prob seek another shop to have them look into that and the bearings. Thanks for all the input, and I am always all ears to suggestions .
  10. Thanks, I was thinking rotors as well, but before I got mad at the shop that did them, I figured I would see if anything else could be causing this. Thanks and open to any and all suggestion.. Been dealing with this and the shop for a few months now. Needless to say it's getting old haha
  11. Thanks.. I plan to take it elsewhere. It does.. Have a little vibration at highway speeds, I think are the tires. Also a slight loose feeling under the front.. Over bumps.
  12. Not sure why this posted twice. Will try to delete this post.
  13. Hey guys, I have a 2003 pathfinder SE. Just turned 125k. I have only owned it since 118k. Truck is in great shape cosmetically, but have had to deal with a few things since owning it. Most I would consider basic maintenance. Now for the issue.... Had a ton of brake vibration shortly after acquiring the pathfinder. Took to local mechanic to have brakes done. This helped a ton, but about 2k miles i started getting vibrations again. They went back through and replaced the rotors again under warrantee which was awesome... Felt a tad better until yesterday I went on a 4hr road trip and at highway speeds (really above 50) when braking I get terrible vibrations.. A lot of steering wheel, and some pedal. mechanics is standing by his work.. And says the brakes are fine.. But he also doesn't seem to willing to look further into the issue. I plan to get another opinion, but figured I would see what pathfinder guys have have come across. I'm starting to think wore out suspension components.. Really hate to just start dumping money everywhere.. Any input would be great. Thanks!

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