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  1. Hello and welcome aboard to the forums.
  2. Glad to have you here in the forums!
  3. Surely it have to be the ignition system. Start with the coil and distributor. Also check the fuel delivery.
  4. Hmm in my idea there won't be no problem installing the bumper, but could be the bracket which may be a slight hindrance, but can be altered easily.
  5. If its loosing fluid, surely there is a leak somewhere also sure there is some air in the system.
  6. Just checked the site, these are replacement parts am I right not oem?
  7. He is absolutely correct with his statement. That is why you need to figure out how to fix the ABS.
  8. Only go for OEM or get a Gates brand for the belt and the rest of the parts would be OEM.
  9. Could be a simply dirty abs sensor or busted. Run a diagnostic and see the error codes. About the tranny it won't affect it.
  10. Also have you inspected for any loose mud guard or flaps lately? That could also the culprit of the strange noise.
  11. toughroad

    EGR Valves

    Thanks man really appreciate it!

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