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  1. richwill68

    Electric window help!

    Swapped it out today and works fine! Thanks
  2. richwill68

    Electric window help!

    Got you, thanks for that!
  3. richwill68

    Electric window help!

    Ah, sometimes I get a click, sometimes I don't! That's the cylindrical shaped thing, right? is this a relay?
  4. richwill68

    Electric window help!

    Hi V8path, thanks for the reply. Motor works fine. Don't have a wiring diagram for the door harness so unsure which wires should be live. Any ideas?
  5. richwill68

    Electric window help!

    Hi All, My 1993 2.7TD R3M has me stumped... Have a really annoying intermittent fault - my drivers door switch panel (so all four windows) sometimes works, sometimes doesn't? Door lock/unlock works all the time. All other window switches operate their respective windows regardless. Have changed the switch for proven ones and the fault remains. Can't seem to find a broken wire either. Getting to my wits end here! Any ideas good people? Regards Rich
  6. richwill68

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Thanks, I'll give 'em a call. Were they expensive?
  7. richwill68

    Where are all the OZies

    True, but might be fun!
  8. richwill68

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    AAAArrggghhhhh!!! I have the bonnet from hell . Removed all old crud / paint with thinners. Flat back with P240, P600, P1000. Sealer / high build primer, 2 coats and flat back between. Top coat of matte black (Same manufacturer and matching acrylic paint for the primer). Looked great for about an hour... Now looks like its got a shrinking plastic sheet with cracks and bubbles. I am not a happy bunny. Right, that's it, back to bare metal for you my lad. Now where did I put that angle grinder and flap wheel? Any decent paint sprayers in Perth?
  9. richwill68

    Tire carrier rattling!

    Just replaced my top pin with a 16mm high tensile bolt, 50mm shoulder. Large plain washers top/bottom and a Nyloc nut. No more rattle...
  10. richwill68

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Today, I mostly did the worst ever paint job of my life on the bonnet of the Pathy... Sorry old girl. I did, however, successfully replace the worn top pin in my tyre carrier with a 16mm high tensile bolt. Play is gone, no more rattle!!!
  11. richwill68

    Newbie saying "Hi"

  12. richwill68

    Where are all the OZies

    Hi All, I'm Rich, living northern suburbs of Perth. Have an R3M 1993 TD. Anyone fancy a weekend get together for some beach bashing and a few beers / BBQ this summer? Go on, you know you want to...
  13. richwill68

    What do you always have with you?

    All the time - an analogue wristwatch and a pocket knife, cash and a mobile phone. For trips out, depending on destination/geography/distance - On me - Gerber multi-tool, Opinel folder, fixed blade full tang camp knife, flint striker, lighter. In truck - Spare fuel/oil/trans fluid and brake fluid, fork/spoon/plate/mug, 25L water, tools, rescue equipment (Tracks, snatch strap/bow shackles, airbag jack, compressor, long handled shovel, rope), repair stuff (Silicone self amalgamating tape, insulating tape, duct tape, spare belts/hoses, nuts/bolts/washers, headlight/brake/indicator bulbs, fuses, reel of 30 amp auto wire, crimp terminals). Self inflating camp mat, hammock, tarp, sleeping bag, blanket, headtorch, spare LED torches, gas hot plate with spare cylinders, cook set, 2 x fire extinguishers. Spare Shades/boots/socks and a wooly hat! Umm, sometimes more...
  14. richwill68

    Intermittent power window problem...

    Hi ebayfish, thanks for the reply. OK, now you have my attention... What might that look like, can it be tested or is it a case of junk and replace it as a case of trial by elimination? Rich
  15. richwill68

    Newbie saying "Hi"

    Guess I should have said Hi a while back! Ah well, no time like the present... Hi All, I'm Rich, an Intensive Care Paramedic living in Perth WA. Long time watcher here at NPORA but new to posting. Have a 1993 R3M widebody, 4 cylinder 2.7 Turbo diesel and I love it. Used for family camping, beach parties, trails, pretty much all the fun stuff really! Great site, lots of nice folk and good solid advice. Hope I can learn lots and pass on some learning as time goes by. See y'all later. Rich.

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