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  1. Nothing new to report. With great sadness, my R50 is most likely getting sold in order to get something with less rust damage in order for me to have a car that will last through college. Love my R50, but im likely going to be getting a Toyota Tacoma so it's not all bad!
  2. Supposedly they are buying back the pre-2001 models and replacing frames on the 2001-2004 or resealing them where applicable. I had seen some pre-2001 ones with new frames so it was a mistake on my part, I will admit. Good thing I'm shooting for a newer one! And a 2.7?! Gotta go for the 3.4L to get the real differential locker with the TRD package.. Plus... It's a 3.4. And I apologize, Laxman, not trying to steal your thunder, just excited!
  3. Actually, I'm getting one that is post recall. The frame rot was a problem on the post '99 models if I remember correctly. I'm looking for an '01-'04 model. Even still, the ones that were recalled got brand new better designed frames...
  4. Nice truck! My Pathy too will soon being going. My stepdad decided that he wanted to get me something less rusty. I'm thinking a 1st generation Tacoma!
  5. Link to the high flow resonators? Price? Wouldn't it be cheaper to simply pull them off and run tube from the cats. I'd prefer to keep those resonators at least to keep the noise down a little bit, so I'm VERY interested in high flow resonators. Also, pictures when you get a chance would be great!
  6. Well I'm getting it narrowed down... One more thing: I need to run need tubing from my cats(I read they are resonators actually? I'm taking about the big piece in front of, towards the engine, of the muffler) to my muffler as mines rusty so I might as well. Did you guys run new tube or use the stock tube all the way up to the mufflers? Does anyone know the stock diameter of the tubing? Im trying to decide on a 2.5" dual in/2.5" out or a 2.25" dual in/3" out. I don't want to be obnoxiously loud so I'm leaning towards the 2."5/2.5"... Thoughts?
  7. Just to clarify, from your catalytic converters, you ran straight to the muffler. From the muffler, you just had a piece of tube for your tailpipe and that's it, correct? Something like: (Cats)--the two pipes come off and go to the muffler--(muffler)------(Tailpipe/tips) Essentially no resonators anywhere. If you have pictures too that would be awesome. Im pretty confident I know what to do, but I just want to check myself.
  8. What about the resonator after the muffler? The one next to the spare tire?
  9. Thanks Alfredo, sounds great man! Do you have a model number or the series of muffler? Also, did you guys eliminate the resonator? As in just run "straight" pipe from the muffler?
  10. Is it a dual output or a single? I've looked at a couple, but the majority of mufflers with a dual input are dual output... I'm thinking about a Borla. You get what you pay for...
  11. Any word on the muffler model or how you found out which would work? My tail pipe just rusted off my resonator so I figured it is time to upgrade.
  12. Really looks good man. Super clean, great job!
  13. I would, but I want to ensure that I have permission to use the photos. Granted it will only be in a HTML file and displayed to my class, but still!
  14. I have been assigned a school project were I must code a website. My choice of theme was Nissan Pathfinders and what they can become. I'm looking for good quality pictures that you wouldn't mind if I used in a school project meaning they would not be used for profit, passed off as my own, etc. in any way. Just post them up here and I'll do the rest! Show me your WD21s, R50s, and R51s! Thanks!

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